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True story of real change – The Journey

True story of real change

It is story of tremendous journey from disaster to happy life, from tears of sadness to tears of happiness, from alcoholism to discipline. It is real happiness when you saw your known or loved ones doing well. What they were and what they are now. I will try to give a glimpse of this journey!!!

It is story of the man who was brilliant in his own way, cracked one of the prestigious exams more than three times, studied there and stood first but as you know, with fame and power a lot of unwanted things also comes, until – unless your mind is not prepared to deal this anomaly. So he was not exception, he involved himself in drugs, alcoholism, and many more and it didn’t took too much time from brilliant to total failure & disaster.

It took him more than five years to realize what he has become and what path he is following. He was not just making himself useless & full of sadness but he was also giving trouble people around him.

When he started to think it was the first step for him to change his directions and the first thought in his mind was seeded by his own mother. She never accepted defeat and always tried with whole heartedly for his son. It was difficult but not totally impossible. Through the help of his very very close and tested friends, his mother and sister designed a roadmap to change.

All friends designed step by step way, from where we should start- starting is the key point to achieve this goal. In this project of change they utilized smallest minute details like his affection for his sister, have tremendous interest in traditional science. They knew that his affection for his sister is unconditional. So slowly and gradually this war went to his destiny. From tears of the sadness to tears of the happiness. It took nearly 6 months to see the change and more than a year to make it an uninterruptible habit. He started by simple chanting of the Gayatri Mantra (Indian tradition) just for 15 minutes, which itself take a lot of time and effort to start. Initially it was totally horrible situation but slowly and gradually it became a part of the life which gives him tremendous benefit and happiness. After this small step next step was to involve him in a constructive work. They helped him to change their thinking process by stopping unnecessary interaction which impact his mind in negative way like TV, internet habits going to unnecessary places instead of all these he involved much more with his family with his sister and parents. It was one of the major steps to protect him from going back to same stage. Third step was to help him to achieve same level what he was before, in this his sister helped him a lot by researching and intentionally involving him in her own work.

So After nearly more than a year of hard work he is doing fine, still he is working on but definitely with huge improvement. I think he now understand what is real reality of life, what you saw in beautiful poster or in beautiful slogan, may not be true. He now understands very well that how important it is to protect ourselves from invasion of negativity and from nudity. Until unless our mind is not perfected by some means (Yoga or meditation which definitely takes time) till then we have to protect our consciousness from these type of invasion.

In simple words we have to protect ourselves from these days chaos by this you are not protecting just yourself but also helps in stopping the negativity to spread. It’s nothing less than karma yoga J



just suffering for nothing

it is my best friend story i learned a lot of things from him and i am hoping same for you.

Nobody knows how it happened but it is true. One child, which was happy, intelligent, and spark to achieve something, want to do something for his family, but now situation is very different, frankly totally opposite. He is directionless, feeling less and soulless, if you are not able to feel happiness or grief then you do not have soul. You are taking oxygen but for dead body.

He is introverted person for unknown person, if he know you or you know him it is very different experience, you cannot feel bored if he is with you. However, very few knows what he is really. Like behavior and character is two different things, it also applied on him. He is loneliest person on earth if he is alone but for you he is most entertainer and true friend.

His childhood spent very normal, nothing special. One thing is different from others, he got a lot of love from outside like schoolteachers, friends rather than from home. He also learnt all basic things from themselves or by his friends.

His childhood spent happily, no complaint because he was getting love from somewhere. However, as he moved another city he had to leave everything, at that time there is nothing like today’s time, like you have Facebook or Orkut. New city new people, fresh start for everything, for an introvert person it is not an easy task at least when there is very strict restriction on you to whom you should talk and to whom you should not.

Finally, everything vanished, he tried everything to make normal but failed miserably. He poured himself into world of books. For years, he managed but unknowingly he put himself in to depression, but it was too late when he realized where he is.

He was into severe depression, fighting from this is not an easy task. If your mind is ok, you can fight but you have to fight with your mind itself then it is like hell. You have to encourage your mind every minute for every task whatever you do. All this took a lot of important time from his life and his career. He is struggling in his career from last 2-3 year.

Currently he is trying hard to get normal. My best wishes to him……………


Hi everyone, I have to say this because one of my friends said to me and I think same is true for everyone here also.
He said “you are not responding any comment or mail or follow up, is it not good. You have to respond with proper manner and words”.
Initially, I took it lightly but when he went I gave a second thought and realize it is not good, it’s my fault.
So finally here I am openly saying sorry and I promise I will try my level best to respond to everyone activities. last to days I tried to respond some of them.

Inner War

Inner war

War – horrifying, dangerous but sometimes it creates a platform for new things, new start fresh start. Especially if it is happening inside you – we call it inner war.
We are in Inner war for nearly everything, whatever we do? Am I doing right, if I am honest then can I expect honesty from others also, why world is like this why there are grief sorrow, violence, pain hatred, loneliness, confusion.
I am writing this because I am also in the same category. I also have inner war of many things, and so millions others.
Inner war happening inside can give you many things but same time can be dangerous if you don’t know when you should stop and should take a decision, it can lead you where everything become obsolete. It is constant learning from your inner war. As per my experience you should question things but at same time you must have courage to accept things as it is, sometimes it is only way to end this war. You have to know that every individual is different and you cannot expect yourself from someone else, you are different from others, which differentiate each other.
If you are good and honest keep yourself as it is and in my opinion try to be more but don’t expect same thing from others, because it is not going to happen, there will be time when people will think this is your weakness and try to utilize this but you have to understand, this is you not someone else so be it but same time there is one suggestion as per my experience there is difference between good person and foolishness so be good not fool.
I also face this idea being perfect, everyone, everything, every time should be perfect but the problem is there is no such thing like perfection, you can improve, every time but you cannot be perfect in anything, most you can achieve is near to perfect- it itself so far. The best solution is don’t try to be perfect, just try to achieve perfection. You have to embrace this imperfection in everybody, every situation. This gives you your persona, and so as you embrace yourself you must learn to embrace others also, by this actually you are embracing imperfection of others.
Life itself a is journey it cannot be a destination, so it is up to us what and how we want from this journey. Others people are with you in this journey but only for some time. Some for very short time, some for a long time but ultimately it is your journey.
Those who are not able to do this practice, embracing imperfection, will not be able to go ahead in their development, journey will become so difficult that you will stop before reaching anywhere. This is what world look like it is full of imperfection but when you embrace this it will become your perfect world.