Rape more heinous than murder

                                 Why we should consider Rape more heinous than murder

 Rape, now it is also a part of daily routine for Indian society and more than this for Indian women those who are now roaring everywhere and achieving new dimension of their life & even society.

In my opinion you can die in two ways- one by body & second by soul. Just make it more simple ask yourself in which method you want to die, definitely no one want die partially, mean by soul and spend whole life with your dead body, and this is exactly what rape does, taking your soul leaving your body to die every day, every second of your life, this is more than enough to consider rape same as murder & in my opinion even greater category.


People asked me several time we should consider situation why should rape happened , we can’t give capital sentence immediately  to every rapist, then ask simple question if it is situation then there can be situation in which you can rape even your knowing person*(I am not specifying this some critical reason).

And by this no single rapist can get sentence because you can discover circumstances to defend yourself, as we know our law and previous history.

It is very debatable issue & include no. of parameter but one thing on which everyone is agree is that rapist should be hanged specially in this case there is no chance to accept minimum than this.


                                                  “Hanged every rapist”


Steve Jobs – Tim Cook

Apple’s new era has been started with Tim. Whole world saw the talent of Steve Jobs whether it’s in marketing or vision of new apple product. Steve’s presentation power and micromanagement capability lead him world most visionary CEO.

But as we all know that nothing is permanent in this universe. Steve died due to rare type of cancer on October 5, 2011. By that time world was shocked but important question was that what will happen with Apple, who will be next Steve?

Before heading to his final days of life he already had no. of severe physical problem and due to this he took leave from his work, But Steve appointed Tim as working CEO of Apple.

Tim proved himself and finally became new CEO but under the shadow of Steve working style. Now there is huge challenge for Tim to overcome Steve’s shadow but same time maintain elegance of Apple product. In recent time Tim launches some product but basically all were Steve’s designed.

So what is basic difference between these two? I think, there is no need to do anything for finding the answer, they both did one thing from which everything will become clear, and that was they both apologized as a CEO. Glitches in maps of iPhone 5 forced Tim to apologize and Steve also did once related to Antenna gate but what was difference. Difference is as much as we know in between ‘I’ & ‘We’. Steve used ‘I’ and Tim used ‘We’, After all Steve made Apple and Tim is just an employee in Steve’s Apple. But it doesn’t matter as long as apple continues his success-style- elegance.

In coming time Apple is launching a series of product which is designed and monitored by Tim and if we believe on rumors then it will be mini product of previous product like iPad mini, 13 inch retina display and many more. Apple is organizing event on 23 October 23, 2012 for these entire product lines.

                                             ‘Let’s see Cook’d Apple magic ‘



Our history shows that we always believe in something, and we as a human call it GOD. But most fundamental question arises that who is GOD, what quality they have and what is the benchmark to be GOD.

When we read some old scriptures and heard some stories from our ancestors we find it very interesting and sometimes full of mystery. We as humans fond of mystery and we cannot stop our curiosity. But if we think fundamentally then they are more powerful than us, they can control things which we cannot even think and that’s why we call them GOD.

There was a time when landing to moon is dream, like impossible things, who dare to talk and think about this, but we did it and it was biggest achievement of humans. Know we are targeting even more we are reaching to edge of the universe and knowing more about our gigantic universe. Now we are controlling much than our early humans did.

So take an example if a man from jungle, who never came out from his jungle, suddenly come to this world and sees these things which he was never imagined, what he thinks, perhaps he will starts to worship us, because we did what he never thought and imagined.

Now imagine same prospects with our self, we will find the answer who is the GOD. I firmly believe in pattern of the universe, everything is responding in a proper and orderly fashion, even we cannot rule out  more powerful species in universe, may be they can do much and those things which looks impossible for us today’s time.

It is much more complex and controversial things, we know our limitation; we know that we cannot know everything from beginning to end of this universe, even we can predict results of simple events but fundamentally we cannot leave everything on GOD, Do and see the results.


We know that if our heart stops breathing, the flow of our life will stop, and so we cherish our heart very much. Yet we do not notice often take the time to notice that there are other things, outside of our bodies, that are also essential for our survival. Look at the immense light we call the sun. If it stops shining, the flow of our life will also stop, and so the sun is also second heart, our heart outside our body.

This immense “heart” gives all life on Earth the warmth necessary for existence. Plants live thanks to the Sun. Their leaves absorb sun energy along with carbon dioxide from the air to produce food for the tree, the flower, the plankton. And thanks to plants, we and other animals can live. All of us – people, animals, and plants- “consume” the sun, directly and indirectly. We cannot begin to describe all the effects of the sun, that great heart outside of our body. In fact, our body is not limited to what lies inside the boundary of our skin. Our body is much greater, much more immense. If the layer of air around our Earth disappears even for an instant, “our” life will end. There is no phenomenon in the universe that intimately concerns us, from a pebble resting at the bottom of the ocean, to the movement of the galaxy millions of light years away.

The poet Walt Whitman said, “I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of stars…….” these words are not philosophy. They came from the depths of his soul. He said, “I am large, I contain multitudes”


Truth, everyone likes hear and want to see, but doesn’t want to apply on himself. What is Truth? Is everyone sees same thing or truth is just a perception of yours and if it is so then what real truth is? Well it’s a big question someone see something and believe and someone hear something and believe, in these scenario may be what they see or hear is true and maybe not.

when I was a child I heard I quote that “if someone said something then in transmission message lost its originality” well that happened by hundreds of mouths of human, every human add their own view to incident and then transfer to others and finally truth is totally distort.

If any incident happens then every human will see it differently and understand it differently and convey it differently. They see the event of truth by their past experience and present conditions and in that case, may be they succeeded to view truth or maybe not.

  Truth always remains truth but maybe it’s comes in different form for everyone.


We heard story and also from well-known Peoples, that everyone must have a dream, without dream no point to live and achieve in our life. Yes most Peoples agree with this and me too, but one thing which is more important is “dream with reality”, yes you are right dream but facing with reality.

Many people dream, but having dream is not enough to fulfill our dreams, we must find a path to achieve this. Sometimes life plays a major role to teach us. I am not against dreaming and actually to achieve big things Dream is like a first step, but i am against living into dreams without facing reality.

Dreams must include reality, without reality dream is nothing, When we dream with reality it become feasible, may be not easy but surely not impossible, when it will feasible it gives us strength to think and when we think about something having reality in mind, we find real solutions, and when we find solution then we can achieve what we dreamed for.

science in worse condition “pray with me”

Technology fascinating for everyone and everyone also knows what science & technology can do for humanity. Technology gives us a lot of options for both the side in positive and negative side, but if we think that we can change the world in very good manner with the help of only technology then we are going in wrong way. We already see what science can do for destruction and even Albert Einstein never imagine misuse of science. But any way think ahead, how we can improve, pray with me so that it will never happen again.

For better world only technology can’t help, development means not only destruction of humanity and nature, development means development of human’s beings. Humans have the emotions and technology never understands the emotions. Science is tool; we can use it in constructive way or destructive way. We can’t blame science and if you want to blame then blame our self not science.  When we understand the importance of both emotions and technology then at that moment we are going in new, safer and better world.