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Deep pure & austerity – foolishness or spiritual Fact & moral behavior

Deep pure & austerity – foolishness or spiritual Fact & moral behavior

Purity and austerity two forgotten words at least in today’s time, it is now an obstacle in development or to be so called modernization, it is old fashion to be an open minded people. People generally questioned that we had great people in olden days but now we don’t have that much capable people but why and what happened to us, despite we are so much advanced in technological field.

It is true that we as a human is much more advanced in intelligence compare to animals, so it is but obvious for us to have different and advanced behavior and morality compare to them.

When you born as a human (you born with a lot of background of previous life karma) you have different goal to achieve in life and to achieve this you have to follow prescribed rules given by Vedas or GOD (Like Shreemad Bhagawat Gita). If you go beyond these rules it is a deviation from path and for this nature herself (representing divine mother or you can call ‘itself’) is going to give you rewards, forget about GOD intervention. Even if we don’t believe that Vedas is GOD’s words, even then we can not deny that Vedas was and still is much more advanced in every field including science and cosmology, so by going in this way also we have to listen this ultimate guidance.

Nature works in perfect, unbreakable rule despite your powers. No one ever broke these laws and no one ever will be able to do this , so how we can even imagine ourselves beyond nature, Nature don’t discriminate on the basis of the gender, color, and race!!! It is perfect without the flaw.

One of the most basics attribute of GOD is – purity and austerity, those who have even this single quality is top most person in the eyes of GOD himself, forget about common people. It gives something unique power to you so that you can cross the crowd and be in the top in the queue. It is not just theory we can find proof from various scriptures and person of higher degree of the awareness, like swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramana Maharsi, Rama Krishna, and many more ….

No doubt it is difficult but surely not impossible and if you do then surely you will get un-comparable rewards for your work. Not for in this life but also for coming lives (definitely for those who believes)

What is happening and why so much problems (sins), when we observe we find that we have corrupt population (this word you can find many English translation of the Indian scripture, meaning is population born from impurity). Corrupt population will create only problems and it is already defined in the Bhagawatam and Gita. So now you can see purity is not just for you but it will affect many lives.

If you are able to uplift even one soul by any way (by your work, words, appearance (this word is for only intelligent people who can imagine this how appearance can uplift a soulJ)) this will be much worth and valuable.

Surely it’s not a foolishness or madness it is the perfect way to achieve what is not possible by any other means!!!!!






Science v/s science

Science v/s science

Science is a modern religion for all, new platform- new way to test everything. It’s like second nature of modern life, people first response to any new things is -“it is scientific proven or not”, it’s our new way to adopt.

In India from Vedic era knowledge means true freedom from darkness, from childhood they taught two things, 1one is Vedas and second one is how to earn livelihood. Vedas which is limit of human conscious to decide how to reach your ultimate goal of life (some sense what is right & wrong) and second category was to earn livelihood, survive with moral character & values.

In Vedas there is true science, there is nothing based on assumption or so called data. Till 19th century we were on the same track where we were doing true scientific work and living moral way of life. But now there is huge difference b/w so called scientific and true scientific work.

How todays science works – so called researchers or scientist bring 100 – 200 people in labs to ask certain question, sometime even without explaining and observe some properties in well controlled environment, collect data & published well known research paper in international journal. Organization like NGO which work well against country or business, they use half-baked data to announce result or more frankly brainwashed to adopt what they are saying.

In today’s time actual war is last option, now your country and your people is so open for everything – good & bad. By human nature you can guess which is more easily adoptable. We are witnessing this psychological war, making them lame & confused is nothing less wiping a whole country. Best example was (in some sense is) when they brainwashed Indian people to hate their own culture and tradition.

In some sense today’s science is same with psychological war, with paid work, cheap and short way to get fame, money etc. they bring half naked truth. Definitely there is good & true scientist who are working for true science but media which is now paid will not bring truth, simply they are not capable of doing this.

There are huge difference between information, knowledge & wisdom. There will be always difference between character & behavior. Character is what we call it nature which is unchangeable but behavior is changeable with time & situations. Today’s maximum research is all about finding this variable nature in different environment, and truth is it is infinite, it’s like being in a loop where there is no way to get out of this.

There was time when I was telling to everyone it is scientific proven & elders were telling don’t just blindly believe what is written or someone is saying, it’s not coming from authentic source, it’s not Vedic knowledge. Over the years it became obvious to me what exactly they were trying to tell.

Don’t just accept anything just because someone with weird hair, so called scientist, is uttering these words – it is scientific proven. Because now even science is faking and hiding facts.

what is time ?

Once there was very famous teacher who was expert in teaching everything in practical way. his fame also bring some people who also think they are much intelligent.

so it is story when one day one people ask to this teacher

what is time, can you define  me if i am  layman?

teacher- smile very gently, and said i wish there will be no layman after this. and said it very simple

“Those who were very close once seems so far,

Those who were so far once seems so close “



this is time 🙂


then he asked how anyone can come out of time boundation?

Teacher: when there is no more ‘so far ’ and ‘so close’  then you are free from time boundation.


then he asked what is moksha then?

Teacher: when you become free from time boundation you will achieve Moksha.


Steve jobs v/s Dennis Ritchie

Comparison between two giant Steve jobs (Founder of Apple) and Dennis Ritchie (Inventor of C, UNIX and many more) 


It was October 5 2011 when we lost an inventory mind who understand the need and culture of people, Steve jobs, more visionary than anyone else, suffering from cancer, wore somewhat like a monk, feel like a simple common man and from his heart, combine with their own Steve logic, he gets idea, taste of the their very own product.

Year 2011 always remember because it’s have something more than just a year, it’s include every part of the world because something very special happened in every part of the world. In this we also lost father of every language Dennis Ritchie October 12 2011, we deeply hurt when we listen this news, and after some days it’s something like circulation going on Facebook, which include Steve and Dennis and talking about their fame saying we didn’t give respect to Dennis.

One of the biggest mistake, there is no comparison between these two, one who totally dedicated his life to technology never think like a businessman (Steve), he was great scientist, and he created the platform for others on which we can develop new and greater things.

On the other hand Steve more like businessman than a scientist, but surely he had something different within himself that was honesty about their business, understanding the need of people most importantly he brings culture in his product, may Steve knew Dennis very well and were very good friend.

Every technological user will remember Steve and every engineer and scientist (and also students) knows importance of Dennis Ritchie and I guess When Steve created his first product he was more thankful to Dennis Ritchie than anyone else.

                                                                    “It’s my tribute to both of them”


Nalanda – world first international university on recorded history

Nalanda first international university in human record human history. Well situated in before 500 B.C. It was a center of highest learning for all over world. It is mot just a myth. It was reality.

Nalanda was one of the world’s first residential universities, it had dormitories for students. It is also one of the most famous universities. In its heyday, it accommodated over 10,000 students and 2,000 teachers. The university was considered an architectural masterpiece, and was marked by a lofty wall and one gate. Nalanda had eight separate compounds and ten temples, along with many other meditation halls and classrooms. On the grounds were lakes and parks. The library was located in a nine storied building where meticulous copies of texts were produced. The subjects taught at Nalanda University covered every field of learning, and it attracted pupils and scholars from Korea, Japan, China, Tibet, Indonesia, Persia and Turkey. During the period of Harsha, the monastery is reported to have owned 200 villages given as grants.

The Tang Dynasty Chinese pilgrim Xuanzang left detailed accounts of the university in the 7th century. He described how the regularly laid-out towers, forest of pavilions, harmikas and temples seemed to “soar above the mists in the sky” so that from their cells the monks “might witness the birth of the winds and clouds.

An end with no reason –

Evidence in literature suggests that in 1193, the Nalanda University was sacked by the fanatic Bakhtiyar Khilji, a Turk. Muslim conquest in India is seen by scholars as one of the reasons of the decline of Buddhism in India. The Persian historian Minhaj-i-Siraj, in his chronicle the Tabaqat-I-Nasiri, reported that thousands of monks were burned alive and thousands beheaded as Khilji tried his best to uproot Buddhism the burning of the library continued for several months and “smoke from the burning manuscripts hung for days like a dark pall over the low hills.

The last throne-holder of Nalanda, Shakyashribhadra, fled to Tibet in 1204 CE at the invitation of the Tibetan translator Tropu Lotsawa (Khro-phu Lo-tsa-ba Byams-pa dpal). In Tibet, he started an ordination lineage of the Mulasarvastivadin lineage to complement the two existing ones.
When the Tibetan translator Chag Lotsawa (Chag Lo-tsa-ba, 1197–1264) visited the site in 1235, he found it damaged and looted, with a 90-year-old teacher, Rahula Shribhadra, instructing a class of about 70 students. During Chag Lotsawa’s time there an incursion by Turkish soldiers caused the remaining students to flee. Despite all this, “remnants of the debilitated Buddhist community continued to struggle on under scarce resources until 1400 CE when Chagalaraja was reportedly the last king to have patronized Nalanda.

Ahir considers the destruction of the temples, monasteries, centers of learning at Nalanda and northern India to be responsible for the demise of ancient Indian scientific thought in mathematics, astronomy, alchemy, and anatomy.

But now all is gone, past. But we have to look this glorious history which was real indian culture and knowledge source for all the world. Current state government, indian government and group of mentor including nobel laureate. All Asian country are helping for this project and why not they all are schoolers of this university.

Here I want to thank various authentic sources which held survey and reveal truth about this and ancient knowledge hub of the world.

science in worse condition “pray with me”

Technology fascinating for everyone and everyone also knows what science & technology can do for humanity. Technology gives us a lot of options for both the side in positive and negative side, but if we think that we can change the world in very good manner with the help of only technology then we are going in wrong way. We already see what science can do for destruction and even Albert Einstein never imagine misuse of science. But any way think ahead, how we can improve, pray with me so that it will never happen again.

For better world only technology can’t help, development means not only destruction of humanity and nature, development means development of human’s beings. Humans have the emotions and technology never understands the emotions. Science is tool; we can use it in constructive way or destructive way. We can’t blame science and if you want to blame then blame our self not science.  When we understand the importance of both emotions and technology then at that moment we are going in new, safer and better world.