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Tuesday Thought :)

Mental activity is much more real than gross ones, It is only reason every enlightened beings said purify your mind.


Spirituality – a way to touch untouched

Spirituality – a way to touch untouched

 In modern times spirituality is considered as a hurdle in development. If you are spiritual then you are considered as an old fashion or outdated person.

But question is – is  it really a hurdle or a way to touch untouched.

What people thinks about this

  • Is it hurdle in modern development
  • It is like going backward
  • It stops us to enjoy material world
  • It stop us to live luxurious life
  • it keeps us away from modern world
  • it stops us to gain material wealth
  • don’t have time
  • it’s outdated in today’s time
  • I am not believe in God or creator

And list goes on ……..

But reality is totally opposite. Spirituality is a mechanism not designed just for sitting in a cave and achieving some higher purpose (which is obvious nonsense for ordinary people), it is mechanism or tool for every being to achieve fullest ot touch the untouched

Need of this is much high in today’s time. We are developing materially but same time becoming unstable inside, so if you are mentally unstable how you can enjoy outer world. Frankly it is not going backward it is going in future J . Spirituality never stops anyone from enjoying anything rather it tells how to enjoy without indulging in it. It never stops you from having luxurious life but it definitely reminds that is not only things in life.

Very few of the fewest actually see the GOD or creator (for those who actually believe). Spirituality is not about believing or accepting. It is practical verifiable process that everyone can experience. Spirituality is like insurance scheme ( just shake for understanding, it cannot be so cheap) if you invest 1 hour out of 24 hours it will give you much more output of whole 24 hours of work in lesser time you can imagine in much accurate way J. It will increase your productivity of work.

In today’s’ time we got wrong definitions of nearly everything like growth, modern, intellectuals, enjoyments. People thinks building spy-scraper is growth, running after money is growth. Being modern means- walking half naked with transparent clothes, having uncontrolled and illicit sex, cheating and buttery words is sign of modernization. Jugglery with words is synonyms of being intellectuals and by this jugglery of the words they make you fools. Enjoyments definitions so narrow now that it cannot go beyond money and sex. We choose partners on basis of how much money they have or on basis of sex. Every years we change our relationships like changing old clothes and going to buy new ones and we call it our extended family.

With human mind there is one problem you can train it in both directions. Take an example killing of people or animals is not good and it is prohibited nearly in all religions but some people train their mind in such way that there is nothing wrong in it rather than they enjoy it. But question is does that make your act right in universal sense, despite your acceptance consequence will be there for it.

we need to understand things as they are rather than molding them according to our needs.





There never was me, it’s always us

                                             There never was me, it’s always us

When I watch people around us, it’s not difficult to understand to anyone that everyone have problems. Problems which have different perspective and may be different scenario for each one of us but it is also true that it’s make a story which makes us unique among other unique existing stories.

When I heard story about something which is unachievable but made achievable, none other than peoples among us, it’s bring some sense of proud of being human, fill us with force to do something like this or even greater things but it is also true some of us have different approach they adopt & presume which wasn’t present there. They say and think it is their luck, chance or they have good opportunities right from beginning, they never accept things.

There is ancient proverb that “GOD helps those, who can help themselves”, if you are not willing to do, then no one can force you and as consequence there is no result. If you want to achieve something then you can’t sit and rely on GOD. There is prerequisite if you want help from GOD that you have to take first step, if you have courage to take first step then GOD will make path for first step onwards. But same time there is also caution, after completion of work majority of us starts believing that it’s done because of me; it’s a starting point for degradation by start of ego, false presentation of yourself. Always remember work done by you is only consciously, there is much more behinds this and much bigger and greater. Always Thanks to people before thanks to yourself.   

It is doesn’t mean that work done by you, is result of your work, it is result of a lot of people, if you think properly then you will find, there is nothing like “work done only by me”. There never was me, it’s always us.

Thanks to those people who helped in your work directly or indirectly, positively-negatively. Thanks to GOD for sending such a medium and helping me at every steps. 


Sadness is as important as Happiness


                                         Sadness is as important as happiness

People often says what if life would full of happiness only, no sorrow at all, and I am sure you are also one of them  so now let’s go further in this so called happiness of life.

What I have realized through my life till now majorities of people happiness is conditional, there is condition to be happy in every day’s life and in most amused scenario there is pattern for all this. It all started like this-

“I will be happy if I get job……”

“I will happy if I met my soul mate…….”

“I will be happy if I get promotion………”

And list goes on to even their child’s career. So it all about “I will be happy if I ..” but problem lies where it started you will again say after getting first one “I will be happy if I …” and it will never end throughout life and as a consequences having everything ultimately you will not have anything, you were in search of something which you always had with you and that is “Happiness”

To be happy doesn’t require any condition or anything it is driven from inside nor outside. Don’t get it wrong here to have goal to achieve something is necessary and important but having this if you lost your fundamental things then there is nothing to achieve in life. Happiness was- is and will be always within you.

I can write a lot of things what to do what not do to be happy as you can find on everywhere but here I will say one simple line which will include all the secrets “be with yourself” yes you heard it right, being with yourself will give you everything what you want from your life. It will fulfill your destiny and ultimately it will give you invaluable happiness.

So what is happiness how do you know that it is happiness or I am happy? Now assume a situation where is a person gets everything what he wanted, everything. So can you tell how happy is he/she? Form your perception he is most happy man but reality is different, person doesn’t even know what is happiness if you would asked, he will be surprised. He is just living his life without any emotions.

Now what if know some sorrow in his life may lost his job, beloved ones or any kind of sorrow, then person’s answer will be different, if you would asked what is happiness, it will be intuitive for that person, he will automatically know what is happiness is and by this he will also know what is sorrow.

So sadness is part of life and as valuable as happiness, it gives you real feeling of happiness, forces you find your destiny and be with yourself.


“Sorrow, happiness all is part of life, as time passes it also passes with every moment”

love v\s attraction in real life

In everyone’s life everyone had a lot of chance to understand these words but every one has their own meaning and experience. Every one has its own definitions, girls are different and boys are different.

But one thing is common between them is they all want to spend time with their love. Some one get, and of course some one does not.

But what I feel love is what which never express in words its totally illogical. You cannot say that I love her/him because of this or that. Its must be feeling from both side, its have such a power that one can change his way of life.

Definitely attractions is what which totally depends on physical relationship, some one can forget his/her attraction. Its never change some one life, and if changes, then certainly not in right direction.

 Some says love initiate with attraction, I do not know? but  I am sure  attraction never includes love, its only love which can generate real meaning of attractions, which have some meaning in life.

No one knows when your attractions become your love …”SO  KEEP   SEARCHING YOUR LOVE ”

One day every one will die – The greatest gift of life

One day every one die – The greatest gift
What people afraid most, to die, nobody wants to die and this is things for which people did , does and will continue to a lot work to avoid this.
When we born, we doesn’t know anything we just enjoy, love of mother, father and life. We don’t fear anything, what happen next into my life and interestingly it’s just human kid it is phenomenon of all kind of things.
But what happen when you grow, where we loose this so much innocence love for life.
Actually when we grow we forget or force to forget this innocence and everybody tech us to compete with world, and that’s where we start to loose this and become more and more so called practical people, and this practicality leads us to different level of problem in our life not for us but for others also. We ended our life for nothing and when time comes we starts to afraid to die. We spent our whole life for nothing, in our life span we couldn’t teach ourself how,to live and how to spend life with grace. We all work only for money or something else which is not useful at all.
It is well known fact that if you are here then you have to die, it is rule, no one defy this, despite this well known facts maximum of us struggling of this. When people know and accept this as a fact then life can be more beautiful and graceful within ourselves and for others also. In indian tradition and one of most sacred book the “Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta” there is well description of life and soul. This soul never die.

“Death is not an end it actually start of fresh and beautiful new journey”

Tibet – a legacy of peace & knowledge with history of war & pain

Tibet  in today’s world every body knows and same  is also true for past but  there is a lot of difference. In today’s time Tibet is largely unstable struggling for its  freedom and other side it is china who claims , it is a part of china for centuries. Both have their points.

If we look back into past we find some very interesting facts, how whole things got messier and messier. Initially Tibet was as free as any other country, they have their own  government, currency, and posted office even it was until at 1949, when china invaded Tibet and claimed.


It’s all started back in 1914 when Representatives of Great Britain, China, and Tibet met in 1914 to negotiate a treaty marking out the boundary lines between India and its northern neighbors.

The Simla Convention granted China secular control over “Inner Tibet,” (also known as Qinghai Province) while recognizing the autonomy of “Outer Tibet” under the Dalai Lama’s rule. Both China and Britain promised to “respect the territorial integrity of [Tibet], and abstain from interference in the administration of Outer Tibet.” 

 China walked out of the conference without signing the treaty after Britain laid claim to the Tawang area of southern Tibet, which is now part of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. Tibet and Britain both signed the treaty.As a result, China has never agreed to India’s rights in northern Arunachal Pradesh (Tawang), and the two nations went to war over the area in 1962. The boundary dispute still has not been resolved.

Fight of Dalai Lama –

On March 1, 1959, the Dalai Lama received an odd invitation to attend a theater performance at PLA headquarters near Lhasa.

The Dalai Lama demurred, and the performance date was postponed until March 10. On March 9, PLA officers notified the Dalai Lama’s bodyguards that they would not accompany the Tibetan leader to the performance, nor were they to notify the Tibetan people that he was leaving the palace. (Ordinarily, the people of Lhasa would line the streets to greet the Dalai Lama each time he ventured out.)

The guards immediately publicized this rather ham-handed attempted abduction, and the following day an estimated crowd of 300,000 Tibetans surrounded Potala Palace to protect their leader.

The PLA moved artillery into range of major monasteries and the Dalai Lama’s summer palace, Norbulingka.

Both sides began to dig in, although the Tibetan army was much smaller than its adversary, and poorly armed.

Tibetan troops were able to secure a route for the Dalai Lama to escape into India on March 17. Actual fighting began on March 19, and lasted only two days before the Tibetan troops were defeated.

After this Dalai Lama is longest guest for India and  even today  India is hosting Dalai Lama and all refugees of Tibet. There is also a rule given by India to all these Tibetan refugees to gain a passport by Indian government by Dalai Lama request.

Their is a lot, which happened and their is a lot which is happening and will happen .



It is very hard to say what is solution, it’s because solution is not possible it’s because no one want to compromise for betterment of Tibet and in more deeply also for china and India.