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How to How

In Today’s time where everything is so fast and messed up, very few have time to even think where and what they are doing, even lesser has the ways to adopt it. Decision which are made on incomplete information or false facts will always lead to disaster. You have to develop your mental ability in such a way that you can see situation as it is rather than putting your perspective.

No doubt we are leading the highly materialistic way of life, nothing wrong in it as long as this approach isn’t making us crazy. still there are some souls which are struggling to make a way out of it, despite number is less, as per spiritual law nature always support and help these kind of souls. everything has positive and negative sides depending on who is using and how.

1- always check your thought on first place, it is source of your action, when your thoughts become too strong, it will take form into action. Thoughts comes on the basis of your inputs, what you are providing to your sensory organs more especially eyes and ears. anyone can take control just by these two.

is it tough in todays time? NO, not at all, definitely it’s need little practice to develop self control and will. it is nothing new, this is well known fact from ancient times.

2- second most important is companionship. being surrounded some way or other it is also great source of altering your mind. there thoughts will impact your decision. is it only reason people said choose people wisely, do not believe blindly. here it is worth mentioning that we must take precaution while judging people, if someone is having wealth, nice education well dressed up, nice looking body, we tend to follow that person, which is not right in all case, more specially in todays time. it is always better to be alone with some real good books rather than having surrounded by non sense people.

Please be aware of proverb when we say that “one good book is better than hundreds friends”. actually it is true when books was chosen wisely. it was true in olden times when books was written by genuine and enlightened people but this is not the case in todays time. it is always much better to be illiterate than ill- educated person.

3- wait and listen some one to whom you can trust ( no doubt there are no one better than your parents and siblings in this case :)). do not run after something to grab rather silently work and wait for it, before maturity of anything it always gives you pain only, and by this you will conclude your decision.

4- find something which you really want to do, not just for money but for your own soul. however small it is, it will bring you peace, like painting, music, dance etc..
5- purity and honestly- always remember it’s doesn’t matter how foolish it sound but these two are fundamental to run life, consciously and unconsciously.don’t throw your dignity and integrity in the name of freedom, you were free and you will be 🙂 it’s not related to your body and neither you have to prove to anyone.

6- avoid unnecessary interaction or activity in the name of the modern or open mindedness. it will caught you in trap for no reason. you may cry in the name of the modern world, but it is as feasible as anything else and it will help you tremendously to protect you in many ways.
here i want to clear you that it is for time being, when you become ready to handle all these worldly pull you can involve if time and situation require, some times running away is also a solution, not a weakness 🙂

7- Try to devote some time just for yourself, like meditation, japa or any ritual which you like for your self. slowly it will develop and evolve your conscious. it will also help you to engage yourself.

There is nothing Dark like things in this world, it is your collected karma and tendencies through which you born time and again, try to understand and workout these. here everybody has different path and destiny, neither anyone is greater than you neither small. just play your role honestly and its done. use your body to serve in good way and if you don’t want to serve then at least do not initiate wrongs things – it is also a kind of serving


To be continued: Karma and destiny misconception …………………………………………


Understanding the Divinity

if there is any word which is mysterious than word “Mysterious” itself is the word Divine. from bliss to unknowable and unexplainable everything comes under this single magical word Divine. if there is anything which nearly all religion says that we must achieve this goal in this human form of life. there is huge importance is given on human form just because this form of life is very very difficult to get. we gone so many different levels of consciousness with so many different forms that it is really hard to achieve this human form.

Divinity is not a word it is state which is easy to achieve yet very few is capable for this. there are different levels of human understanding, not everyone is capable to absorb or understand this mysterious knowledge but it does not mean that they should exclude from this ultimate truth, at – least in this land (Bharat or india) it is so. people from this land have been studied and researched all human except from food to clothing. they designed methods for every levels of people consciousness, from ritualistic approach to pure meditative and tantric approach. every method is unique in its own way.

In this age (Kali yuga according to Vedic time divisions) people’s understanding is not that much developed for spiritual realm they developed much for gross level and for today’s world problem at large extent this is also the cause. purely gross development is always dangerous. for this age Vedas recommends chanting (japa meditation ) for human beings just because of our gross understanding of reality. it does not mean that all other methods are not attainable or not good it is just that it is not easily adoptable in today’s world.

Divinity does not lie in the word it is evolution from gross to subtler and at last being with ultimate reality, to achieve this we have to pass some test. we have to be egoless to start, which itself is bigger challenge for humans. now a days we already have become so intolerance :), just kidding but its true that we have much ego than previous any generation, in hindi one saying is there that “Paisa juth bulwata hi hai” means with money you will get habit of lying and with habit of lying ego will come and with ego a lot of others thing will follow. here i want to clarify that nobody is opposing the money, it is just you have to be alert to observe your mental state.
it is much complex than infinity and much easier than Zero, how wired it is :). As we develop only frontal lobe, which is only for our survival. that survival have become so big now that we can not think beyond this and it is only cause for our world problem. we need to choose to evolve rather than survive, survival will stop one day but evolution will not, survival contain very basic things we have to choose something bigger for this human form of life.

“I am that Which is not”

India – Place for everyone (Part -2 )

                                                              India – Place for everyone

Once upon a time……, every story start like this, but it is really once upon a time, it is well thousand years old story, don’t be afraid it is not about monkey or chimpanzee, it is about a country which was at his peak, so this story starts like this- Once upon a time there was a country known as Aryavart, fondly people called this country as “Bharat”. This country got this name because there was a one king with the same name. As time passes this country also seen some changes and now it is India, a country which have people of all religion, color and caste.


It was a country which was tortured by many other countries they just wanted to capture the whole world without thinking anything about humanity – they just destroyed their culture, tradition etc. one of the major blow was done to India by Britishers they not just ruled nearly one century, but they also destroyed an economy, religion nearly everything – they destroyed the world first and biggest Nalanda university which was the hub of ancient and most mysterious knowledge, its library was so big that when Britishers set it to fire it took a whole month to vanish. Behind all these there was one reason that this country believed World is single and every human being is unique, precious, but despite all this country again stand and flourishing.

When some country was threatening some religion they flew to many countries, but didn’t find any shelter finally they came to India and they prospered over the year. People can ask a question about this maturity living, they can point out incident which whitewash this claim, but as I said still it is much safer than any other country. Bharat to India journey also changed some value and tradition form outer side, they were confused what to follow, but as time is one of the best cures for all things, now  people realizing what to follow.

When Hitler was wanted to kill every Jews they flew to a different part of the word, but rarely find what they wanted, people adopted him but it took him years, but here, India is a different story for them, they came and flourish like it was their own country. People didn’t care from where you came or what is your color or caste as long as you have love for them. Sometimes it cost badly but even then they were not ready to boycott.

there is the number of incidents but here I am going to give you one recent example, when Bangladesh was fighting for their independence, a lot of people lost their lives and lakh of people became refugee, and India was the safest place for them, maybe it will surprise you but it is true nearly 20 crore Bangladeshi people is still living in India as a refugee or illegally. They are working here, living life like they are part of the system. Surprisingly Indian government also knows this and have full data. but the problem is can India make a decision and throw them out the answer is NO, it’s not that India is not capable, if India can fight world’s highest hill battle then it is nothing it is a problem of heart.

Still people are coming from neighboring country in search of their livelihood or in search of better and safe place – India is welcoming everyone despite facing problem.

             “Welcome to Bharat”

               “The Republic of India”

Bharat to India): part 1 moment

Why Bharat is so different and important for the whole world- it is the country which have well civilized culture from centuries well before Jesus and Mohammed. It is the oldest and once it was most advanced country in the world, it’s true that  currently it is not what it was but as Shree Bhagavad Gita  teaches us that nothing in this world is permanent despite its goodness or purity. It was known as golden bird and hub of all modern knowledge. People all around the world used to come here for knowledge.

But as Indian tradition says living in the present moment is the only way to lead happy life, so what is past just learn from that and leave it use this knowledge for the benefit of yourself and others.

World of the wonder

World of the wonder

Analyzing the present – when we see India today it’s hard to believe to that it is the same country which have so rich culture and knowledge. People who come here and think like this, I am sure they are just visitor for one or two day, they are not here to understand the culture or knowledge this country even today have. For them knowledge is just a technology. Knowledge and wisdom are much beyond this. There is no doubt, I also agree that the present situation is not so much serene or good, people are also not very knowledge even about their own culture or tradition but still  you can find true people who can give and guide you about true nature of this country.

Today India is facing many challenge and problems on a different front whether it is the population explosion or corruption or economic fluctuation despite all these things it is making constant and steady progress, making impact on the world map and in many field it is becoming very favorable place like in the medical field India is very hot spot.

But still it is not there where it should be, some mistakes in the past from our political leader creates today most of the problem, whether it is Kashmir issue, Bangladesh refugee issue, population explosion (here maybe you remembered Sanjay Gandhi initiative in this area). But now we cannot regret, there is no time for this.


Today some of the Indian cities are world famous not because of their heritage value but because of their achievement, whether it is Gujarat or Bihar two digit growth, there is world famous organization and people who are working all over the world.

Future – future is not fixed it is dynamic, known as ever changing future. Here I am optimistic not just by heart but also with facts. Election is already started and there will be government change, new government is nothing less than a fresh start. If a city like Gujarat can achieve so much with limited resource then why not whole country with so much unlimited resource. Bihar and other state are very good and fresh example.

Today people are now started to look back their culture with modern adaptation and view. There is whole new generation which is full of confidence and dream and want to do something big and different, we need to 

channelize this in the right direction.

In the past we already proved so much thing and future is full of new and exciting things.

To live in India is living every moment in something new, here you will learn every second


India’s biggest election since independence


yes it is as true as sun rises in east. if there was happiness and proud in India’s first election then in this election have chance, opportunities to build the nation as a whole not one party or one family. i am saying this because never before India have such young people who dream bigger than life and same time never before this happened that every Indian is talking about problems of the country forgetting religion, cast and color, this opportunities should not go in vain because if it’s goes then there will be no second chance for us. spread awareness for this election, encourage people  to vote for right candidate. tell them this is do or die situation because this golden opportunities will never come back. let’s assume this election as one more war for true independence.



so  let’s make a oath that this time we will got for vote at any cast and we will choose right candidate despite his party, cast and color.