DO whatever you want because you live once – is it ?

DO whatever you want because you live once – is it ?
So this title is little bit longer than just title, is it complete sentence :). this is the line which people generally use to support their behavior, more specially todays young generation – “Do whatever you want- you live once only”.

question is-really is it so? really you and everybody live once or is it something else?
I am going to present some observation why is it not true. if it the case why not everyone born in rich family, why some people suffer and some people enjoy (here i want to clear something despite you are rich still you are suffering on fundamental level, may be you can’t see or observe this but sooner or later you will). definitely there is something which decide. I am sure you will not argue by saying- because of God’s partiality 🙂

So this mechanism is known as “Karma” in various religions.This can not false just because you have money, always remember time is too powerful and your own karma is indestructible, you have to face consequence and funny thing is there is no reservation at all, whether you are female or male or Brahman 🙂
we can verify this ultimate truth.

Just for sake if we accept that there is no other life, even then there is code of conduct for every one to follow and definition of what is moral – what is not, whether  its Islam or Christianity, then why is it so? you  can not say Jesus was stupid or Buddha was stupid 🙂

They were (actually are ) much bigger than science, science is still in it’s mother womb, still a long way to go …..

Fire is dangerous if you take it loosely, this you can learn by experimenting by yourself or you can learn from someone else experience (here someone means authoritative person like parents, elders). here i want to clarify that it does not stop you to evolve, it will just help you to pick right path rather than wasting whole life in illusion.

Simple answer is this – our intellect is so low in present age that we can not think what is right, forget about thinking we are unable to grasp what is well establish for thousand of years.
Caution – Just think even if you don’t believe anything then do meditation ( which i am sure will difficult) then think 🙂 . we must follow universal ethics.


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