Modesty – virtue

Modesty – true virtue

 So it’s long time we heard these types of word and more especially in western world which is now effecting eastern world. There was time when people were taking about character and behavior- inner values and virtue much higher than any material possessions.

Recently I was comparing different religions of world. I was totally surprised when i found these similarities – In core they describe one thing- virtue, you have to maintain this at any cost, not for female but for male also, serve humanity, be happy and courageous, mediate & think from your head etc. You name it Hindus, Muslim, Christians everywhere it is there.

In every so called holy book it is specifically mentioned. There is saying that everybody knows the path but very few walks it and fewest will make it. It is rare of the rarest journey but it is worth to walk whether you like it or not.

Modesty is not just about you and yourself, it’s also how you impact others by words, action and what & how you wear. If somehow you protect someone to fall, if somehow you stop some sinful thoughts then it is nothing less than giving food to hungry, serving humanity. As Mahavatar Babaji says “Body is useless until you don’t serve to others”there were many female self-realized master at-least in India, here I will mention one name Maa Anandamayi, she was as good as Swami Paramhansha Yogananda was (I am using was to refer material body), she was self-realized but look at the sense of protection, she always cover her body completely despite she knew everything about the body, she knew body is nothing, if she really wants she can walk naked also because body had no meaning for her. Mother Meera is also one of the great soul. They knew much higher things than you can imagine but just look these soul. Same with Buddhist nuns also. Actually as you go even little forward in spiritual path things come naturally and best way to go is learn from these pure souls.

It will definitely make you happy and many more things happens with you 🙂

Just by your thoughts, words, actions and dress you wear can make positive and negative changes it’s all up to you what type of changes you want. Thoughts come from what you are taking in with all senses and thoughts will turn into words and words into actions… it can be both positive and negative. What we want to spread it’s all depend on us 🙂

Don’t limit your freedom into your body there is much higher things.




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