Mahavatar Babaji – a divine being


Mahavatar – means great Avatar and babaji means ‘revered father’. Simply divine being. this name was given by Lahari mahasaya when he found that he was disciple of babaji in past life also, since then this name is only indication and medium to call him.

Nobody exactly knows his date of birth forget about death he is immortal yogi. He is the person who initiates Lahari mahasaya and also paramahansha yogananda into the kriya yoga. Yogananda describes how he met with babaji in “Autobiography of yogi” since then a lot of people claim that many things.

There is no picture of Babaji what we see is based on description of book.Photos-of-Mahavtar-Babaji-and-his-Followers-3-


OM Babaji

It is said that those who utter his name with devotion get his instant blessings. He never left his disciples in dark, we have example of Lahari mahasaya. With the grace of guru – babaji anything is possible.

I pray to babaji for his guidance and blessings



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