Your choice by circumstances

Your choice by circumstances

It is little old story and written that day only but not posted until today. Sometimes time is not right and sometime you have to do at any cost.

It is story of how we choose and do things unconsciously. While I was returning from work I saw two girls one is in her adulthood with his boyfriend (assuming by behavior) and one small girl with his brother ( family member)selling pens and some toys.

I was amazed to see this contrast both girls was nearly naked, one was by choice and one was by circumstance. One girl was looking around how much attention I am getting, other one was looking how many I can sell.

That small girl was trying to cover by available means and same time trying to sell things with amazing smile.

Someone told me that Nature is always in Balance, there is no victim or victimizer, and everyone is perfect in their slot. What is happening and what will happen with you it’s all because of you. Many people find this little hard to visualize and but for me I can see.

You can’t represent which is beyond words: OM MANI PADME HUM


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