Science v/s science

Science v/s science

Science is a modern religion for all, new platform- new way to test everything. It’s like second nature of modern life, people first response to any new things is -“it is scientific proven or not”, it’s our new way to adopt.

In India from Vedic era knowledge means true freedom from darkness, from childhood they taught two things, 1one is Vedas and second one is how to earn livelihood. Vedas which is limit of human conscious to decide how to reach your ultimate goal of life (some sense what is right & wrong) and second category was to earn livelihood, survive with moral character & values.

In Vedas there is true science, there is nothing based on assumption or so called data. Till 19th century we were on the same track where we were doing true scientific work and living moral way of life. But now there is huge difference b/w so called scientific and true scientific work.

How todays science works – so called researchers or scientist bring 100 – 200 people in labs to ask certain question, sometime even without explaining and observe some properties in well controlled environment, collect data & published well known research paper in international journal. Organization like NGO which work well against country or business, they use half-baked data to announce result or more frankly brainwashed to adopt what they are saying.

In today’s time actual war is last option, now your country and your people is so open for everything – good & bad. By human nature you can guess which is more easily adoptable. We are witnessing this psychological war, making them lame & confused is nothing less wiping a whole country. Best example was (in some sense is) when they brainwashed Indian people to hate their own culture and tradition.

In some sense today’s science is same with psychological war, with paid work, cheap and short way to get fame, money etc. they bring half naked truth. Definitely there is good & true scientist who are working for true science but media which is now paid will not bring truth, simply they are not capable of doing this.

There are huge difference between information, knowledge & wisdom. There will be always difference between character & behavior. Character is what we call it nature which is unchangeable but behavior is changeable with time & situations. Today’s maximum research is all about finding this variable nature in different environment, and truth is it is infinite, it’s like being in a loop where there is no way to get out of this.

There was time when I was telling to everyone it is scientific proven & elders were telling don’t just blindly believe what is written or someone is saying, it’s not coming from authentic source, it’s not Vedic knowledge. Over the years it became obvious to me what exactly they were trying to tell.

Don’t just accept anything just because someone with weird hair, so called scientist, is uttering these words – it is scientific proven. Because now even science is faking and hiding facts.


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