protect your mind – don’t read or watch just anything….

protect your mind – don’t read or watch just anything….

Now we have wish list for everything. Our wish-list is nothing but collection of advertisements or in more technical word brainwash to choose what they want rather than what you want. It is indeed true in every respect. we are surrounded by artificial lights so that we cannot see real one most authenticated-true ones. It’s not that no one can see what is real, but very few are capable of doing so.

There is tremendous rubbish everywhere in form of books, talks, freedom. everyone has tongue & self-claimed little intelligence on which they want to say something and want to be listened by everyone as it is words from GOD, they write their own life experience as they lived there life with moral code of conduct and honesty. Tragically we are in same category we are also stupid enough to follow & admire them & this nonsense people chain create more and more nonsense people. Two wrongs doings cannot make    anything right.

In the time wheel today’s time is Iron Age or Dark Age, where morality is symbol of backwardness and nothing wrong in anything is the philosophy, surprisingly they have their own reasons and argument for why it is not wrong. It is also said that in this time people will have tendency to argue. We are witnessing the same nature everywhere.

Once swami Vivekananda said that there is infinite books and you have very little time, choose wisely what you want to read. in simple words choose best and authentic words rather than choosing anything rubbish. Bestselling does not guarantee that words are authentic. People tend to sensitize everything just for the sake of getting more attention, so there is no question of morality? Words are so powerful that it can change your body and mind chemistry, it can make you happy and it can make you so miserable that life looks like hell. So you must cautious while choosing so powerful object. Atomic science itself is not a problem but we can use it in our favor or against us, it’s all depends on us. Don’t try to read everything whatever you get, just filter it out, choose what is best for you and your mind. Reading everything is nothing less than self-destruction, while reading you have to visualize but imagine what happens with your mind when you saw visual of rubbish things. Internet and TV is medium of this mental catastrophe.

There are people which opted a lot many things to secure their mental health & behavior :-

1- Many people don’t watch or read newspaper, even if they watch they prefer like national or radio news style, does this effect them any way, no still they are getting information which meant to be for them only, but surely they are much more happier.

2- Many people also restricting themselves from watching non sense serials, they prefer more and more family channels ( which is less), does this reducing there entertainment in anyway no, in there experience it is increasing.

3- Spent time in outdoor activity or helping family members in home activities, it will deepen your bond and love

4- Engaging in some physical activity rather than just sitting watching or reading anything

5- People also restricting their online activities, it will automatically give you enough time for your family, friends or for spiritual practice which directly enhance your life.

You can opt your own methods but it should be authentic and beautiful. Never afraid to try out our own scripture, no doubt people are not interested & most probably you don’t know how to pronounce a single word of Sanskrit because you are modern and open minded but you should not worry there is plenty good and authentic books from our scripture and it is the most authentic words by human consciousness. It is also said that Vedas are the limit of human knowledge of consciousness in human body & if you will read you will find, why this is so. Life itself is beautiful don’t make it container of miseries. Feed this container with beautiful things in return it will give the most amazing things you can ever imagine.


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