Learn & teach them before it’s too late……

Before it’s too late

How we change our opinions according to our age especially about those issues which seems little controversial. It gives a sense of independent or empower if you oppose norms which is universal truth & they will oppose any way.

But after a particular age with tons of experience same person accept the same well established facts about the reality but question is does person moves any further in life journey, not at all. Whose fault is this? Someone said this very beautifully you cannot open everything for everyone, and if you do you are disrespecting yourself & knowledge itself. It simply means everyone is not on same level, giving them something which they cannot hold will be disaster for everyone.

In today’s time in the name of freedom and independent empower person, people are committing same mistakes again & again. They want to experiment, sadly result of the experiment is fixed. We must insist that our children must learn from our mistakes so that they can improve rather than experimenting & facing same problems.

Now a days being a modern means YO-YO, half naked, having unethical sex is now being cool and dude, wearing brands on parent’s credit card, discussing empowerment on coffees shops, having profiles related to all current hot topics without even understanding even a single words and concept. Putting everything into sexy category, abusing our own scripture, walking half naked, sex just for shake of sex is now a symbol of broad minded platform.

Result is in front of us, when we serve ourselves against ourselves result is always a disaster. We are in trap, trap to forget ourselves and be someone else, from wearing to thinking, we are trying to put peer pressure on ourselves which is going to blast us one day.

Teach your childrens before it’s too late, if you have body it will function in its way but teach them how to control your body, explain them you must control body rather than body controls you, teach them what is wrong and what is right, teach them if something bad happen to someone it will be bad despite their gender. Teach them how to judge issue not a gender, teach them what real meaning of being modern is.

Something are predestined you cannot change but even if you are able to slow down, do it.


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