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before doing and adopting anything just give a thought we as a Indian belongs to great culture. do not fall in trap by media or wrong information about own culture. lets first study our own true scripture or be in contact with a person who has through knowledge. if we fail then time will when we will not get a chance to regret also.


Some time ago, Adity Sharma had asked me some questions via email. Adity is a student at St. John’s University School of Law in New York. Here are her questions and my answers which she first published in Chakranews:

What was originally planned as a trip to see Kerala’s wildlife, transmuted into a journey of spiritual discovery for Maria Wirth. She writes in her
BLOG about Hindu Dharma with clarity, deep insight and yet in simple language. It shows that hers is not merely abstract knowledge but based on experience and intuition.
Many Western disciples of Sanatana Dharma, express an interest in one or another aspect of the vast philosophy, but rarely see the larger picture that confronts today’s Hindus. But whether discussing
Monotheistic Belief Systems
The Lack of Recognition for Sanatana Dharma in Western Countries
Maria Wirth boldly addresses it in her posts. As someone who was born…

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