In simplest form

In olden days chaos was some horrible event but now it’s a part of our daily life. We are so obsessed with one particular word, that we use it whenever we want in our suitable situation without thinking. We heard this quote “pen is mightier than sword”, at fundamental level it simply means words are powerful than anything else. They are so powerful than it can heal soul or it can hurt so badly, you will be alive without soul.

We have so many issues in our society that life looks like hell, from child abuse, domestic violence, murder, sexual assault list goes on………….

Do we really have so many problems that every day is nothing less than war, what lies beneath all these problem? When we go deep inside it’s become very clear, all these problem have one common root – lack of compassion, unable to respect each other, unable to accept others in their individual human beings. When one feel i am only one, at this moment problem starts. i am not supporter of absolute freedom but this doesn’t mean someone have to suffocate in absence of this. We should not forget others also have heart, others also feel.

You must not imagine people of whole world will follow your thoughts or share your ideology, neither you should imagine everyone is good by heart nor you should imagine that everyone is monster. We take precaution not for those 99 % we take for those 1 % who are hiding within remaining ones.

we as social beings need rules to make society better in every respect but it should not restrict anyone’s freedom, we need freedom to evolve but it should not harm others feelings in the name of freedom of choices. Be tolerant not an ignorance.

Modernization should be at conscious level. Walking naked or having immoral sex cannot be modernization symbol. Raise your conscious level and help others, it is only way to develop a society where everyone is free to fulfill their desire.

Being a female or male does not matter at conscious level, we have same conscious alert, part of supreme soul, having a different appearance cannot make us apart. we are one at conscious level with different part of the magnet is not enough to see the magic, it must have other part, magnet have north and south pole to become functional. When they come together only then they are complete, in same way we have to support each other.

When your solution is itself a problem then you are in wrong track. When you forget yourself and want to be someone else just because to prove something, then it cannot be beneficial to anyone neither for yourself nor for others. When you think others are enjoying life being a characterless and you must follow to enjoy life, remind yourself you are responsible for your character and karma not for others. Always remember whatever you do it will return to you in many folds.

It does not matter you believe in GOD or not but you must show compassion towards each other. Truth will always truth irrespective of your perception, opinions.


2 thoughts on “In simplest form

    1. searching Post author

      good and bad is always with us from starting of time.problems is part of life it will be with us as long as we live. we are currently more than 7 billion out of which 1-2 billion don’t have enough food, 3-4 billion are just manage to live nothing more nothing less (you can call them middle class) so all these don’t have time to bother except managing their lives and food ,remaining ones you know. every thing starts from thoughts if i want to corrupt you i will corrupt your thought and it will be done. you can try on your kids just for one month and you will see result (i hope you will not try :)) wherever we see we are taking nothing less than poison and irony is people also like this. “if you can not help others don’t harm them” – dalai lama. i think complication ends here itself.

      But despite saying all this i have to agree with you. living in a world is different. on lighter side i wish it must be my last birth 🙂 i don’t want to be here again.



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