Freedom is responsibility not a ………….

I was not able to find any suitable title for this, if you have any please suggest 🙂

Freedom is responsibility not ……

What happened when you find, you cannot work or think what you want. You cannot say or express what you feel, it is much better to die rather than having such pathetic life.

Without freedom life is hell, if freedom is so important then why we are taking it granted.

Nearly every country fought for their freedom. Why we fought a war for century, why so many men & children died, what we wanted, at that time also we were doing a job, earning money, so what else we wanted. It was not just freedom of country alone, it was also freedom of expression, so we as people can raise our voice. After so long war and loosing so many lives of our own people, we should not take it granted. Freedom does not mean doing anything without taking consideration of other’s emotion or feeling. Yes we have freedom of speech but Freedom does not mean you have authority to say anything to anyone, freedom does not mean you can do shit things, it does not mean you can go and murder or make comment on someone’s appearance or condition. Freedom is bigger responsibility than you can imagine. Take your activity and word seriously, it should not hurt others just because you have freedom of speech, it is not freedom it is madness. Madness do not follow responsibility but freedom does.


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