“I will get what I want in next life for sure if not in this life”

Human life, amazing gift from supreme, if you remove human touch from human life which is contradiction then it is really amazing, just imagining this simple fact gives you a sense of aliveness. In core of human life is compassion, love without this we are nothing. everyone wants to be loved, feeling of belonging, feeling of care, this feeling of togetherness which makes us alive, which force us to thrive, gives us motivation to do something more.

Anything in this nature needs source of energy to blossom, in same way love is source of energy of humans to blossom after all we also bound by nature’s rule :). Human life is amazing in one more respect, you can plan and have desire but it’s necessary that it will work or fulfill your desire. We have a famous quote “Everyone cannot gets everything“

Does everyone gets this precious gift especially in form of human? Not everyone is so lucky, their karma is not good enough to find this precious gift of human specially now a days. So what about those who do not find this. Those who understand this, will embrace their life by accepting this truth and will try to fill their life by passion. Finding a passion is like finding your true love. You will be much happy, alive with full of hope. You will embrace this fact. While doing good karma you will get what you want, at least in coming life if not in this life.

There are second category people, who will always complain about their life, misery, they will blame others for their failures. You will hear by them saying karma is full of shit, it is stupidity, unluckily if you believe then you are such an old-fashioned. Fact is they cannot understand and see truth. They are so blind, they cannot see beyond this life, for them body is their limit and it is everything.

I always believe, what your mind can think or imagine it is already happened or happening or will happen and impossible starts beyond your mind.

“I will get what I want in next life for sure if not in this life”


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