just suffering for nothing

it is my best friend story i learned a lot of things from him and i am hoping same for you.

Nobody knows how it happened but it is true. One child, which was happy, intelligent, and spark to achieve something, want to do something for his family, but now situation is very different, frankly totally opposite. He is directionless, feeling less and soulless, if you are not able to feel happiness or grief then you do not have soul. You are taking oxygen but for dead body.

He is introverted person for unknown person, if he know you or you know him it is very different experience, you cannot feel bored if he is with you. However, very few knows what he is really. Like behavior and character is two different things, it also applied on him. He is loneliest person on earth if he is alone but for you he is most entertainer and true friend.

His childhood spent very normal, nothing special. One thing is different from others, he got a lot of love from outside like schoolteachers, friends rather than from home. He also learnt all basic things from themselves or by his friends.

His childhood spent happily, no complaint because he was getting love from somewhere. However, as he moved another city he had to leave everything, at that time there is nothing like today’s time, like you have Facebook or Orkut. New city new people, fresh start for everything, for an introvert person it is not an easy task at least when there is very strict restriction on you to whom you should talk and to whom you should not.

Finally, everything vanished, he tried everything to make normal but failed miserably. He poured himself into world of books. For years, he managed but unknowingly he put himself in to depression, but it was too late when he realized where he is.

He was into severe depression, fighting from this is not an easy task. If your mind is ok, you can fight but you have to fight with your mind itself then it is like hell. You have to encourage your mind every minute for every task whatever you do. All this took a lot of important time from his life and his career. He is struggling in his career from last 2-3 year.

Currently he is trying hard to get normal. My best wishes to him……………


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This is place where I put my random words about my perception, thoughts into very short post. It can range from daily life to philosophy to technology. I saw a lot of things in my short span of life, continuous failure to intense pain. I love to meet new people, see new culture despite I am an introvert person, and if I open with you then it will be fun. In my early stage of adulthood I read a lot of books, now I am little more inclined towards outdoor activity. I have tremendous believe in love and trust for the people. Hope you will find these very short post worth in your life. "I am not perfect in one but good in many"

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