Indian IT HR department

Indian IT HR department

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In world, there is one IT industry, which prefer wrong person over real one, everybody knows about out Indian IT industry, it is unique in this sense at least 🙂

Many of us experienced it at some stage. They want experience but not ready to give job to fresher. They want experience over knowledge; they prefer number of years over knowledge.

Bangalore is IT hub so obviously many people is there to get there first job. In recent times, a lot of news came about fake consultancy, which provides fake experience. Question is why it is happening. Finding a job in India is not easy task especially if you do not have any reference and off campus will take time, if you are not lucky. as soon as one year gone you are not worthy for IT job and if you are stupid enough to aim something other, try on your own risk, if you fail then there is nothing ( according to our IT industry)

Indians are very famous for jugaad technology and showing fake experience is the solution for this drama. They knew but they are happy to give a job to fake experience candidate.

One story from my experience, I got one call for developer openings, I was fulfilling all criteria except the experience, so she told me can you manage at least one year experience, only then we can give you job.

Nobody will say whatever happening is good, surely not. They have to change their policy first only then it can stop.

“Prefer knowledge over fake experience”


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