I am M-A-N first before MA

I am M-A-N first before MA

Yesterday I returned to Hyderabad. It was something very unusual journey for me because generally I don’t find people but this I met an unmarried 54 years old man. Small in height, white hair, rudraksh mala in hand, around the neck. Originally he was from Tamil. He knew more than eight languages.

In my coach, there was a group of 40 to 50 people returning from Varanasi. All of them from same place. One person told me, if south Indian goes to north India it is mainly for kashi or Allahabad. He started taking about today’s generation parents, how they are so busy, they do not have time to feed their children. Then move on girls then life style. He told that he is not married. Marriage was fixed but sudden loss in business and girl denied him from then onwards he is not ready for marriage.

He was well educated, he was M.A (Master of Arts) in English. He told a lot of interesting story I would like to share one of them with you. Story is like this…………

There was one person well educated but unemployed he was trying very hard to find something better but failed miserably. Due to this, he had very long beard, one day he was very ill, he went to hospital, and doctors admitted him. Next day he was reading English newspaper, one doctors saw this and asked what is your qualification he told I am M.A in English, doctors told why you didn’t tell me we can arrange separate bed for you he told I am M A N (MAN) before MA.

Put MAN first before anything else J


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