what’s your unusual- out of box habit

My unusual- out of box  habit

Everyone have some unusual habit which is really very unusual for others.

So mine is, I am not reading newspaper or watching news channel past many years, you can ask, how you get information around your area, surprisingly everything working good and in some cases even better for me. I found this way to avoid negative thoughts and give space to more important thoughts, by this I was trying to multiply my every positive thoughts.

In morning when you open your eyes, smile and happiness should be there, regard towards creator for giving this day but in reality it is different. First image-article force your mind not to be yourself. Scare, fear, and anxiety is there instead of gentle smile, happiness. it is trend especially in India, if one incident happens it will follow by many other same incident like wave after wave on sea surface, look like they inspires many people within seconds .

So I decided quit on this. Strange and unusual but true.


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