Virtual to reality

I am Einstein on internet but I am not 🙂

Internet amazing place where people makes friends, express views without fear, you can be male, female or anonymous, and it’s your choice. Question is should we believe on all these and most importantly should we take freedom granted as we have habit.

No doubt internet (more specifically WWW) invention was very important but we are too much dependent on this small tool of virtual world. As any tool or technology can be boon or disastrous it depends on how we are going to use it. Nuclear power itself is not a problem but how we are going to use is a question?

First I would like to give you little background on internet, internet was not designed for what it is today, it became so famous and every person’s requirement after World Wide Web technologies, I do not want to bore you so if you are interested, you can Google or Bing. Over the years it became part of the human life but still very young to have proper law or direction.

People on internet is totally different than in reality, sometimes they write so much (especially good things about many current issues) and when you read you feel OMG what a person but in reality they are not what they present, at-least majority of them are not. cyber bullying, cyber crime is new dark frontier.

Those who care about any issues never involve in a discussion to prove their points, they are silently working for cause irrespective of their gender, country, and race.

Always remember if some quote is having Einstein image it does not mean that he really said this. Gender equality, girls education, child labor, human trafficking is not going to solve on internet or by words, less than 35% percent of world population is using internet. Half of the population is still living without clean water, house or food. Everyone knows what are the problems in our society what we need is action not discussion. Do not blame others first start by yourself.

What an irony is this, you support gender equality but you are not able to give fair chance in work, you support girl’s education but unable to accept that she is more intelligent than you, you show your concern on human trafficking but you are the person who broke your words by your wrong doings?

Again do not generalize this on every one. Work silently if you really care for something like nature care all of us silently J. Using technology as per requirement, don’t be slave.

Be a responsible and choose words carefully


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