welcome one more year 2015 – Happy new year

So finally New Year is with us – 2015
Celebrating new one while forgetting old one is right way to lead life. I also wish for same. But I observed something which force me to think why….
I am currently in Hyderabad on the New Year night I saw Unnecessary abusing in front of girl’s hostel, whistling saying unnecessary things…. Surprisingly I observed two groups one which was busy for tomorrow’s things in their respective hostels with their friends and one was doing above mentioned things…..so is it common or should we take initiative for this before it also become one major problem of the society. In India there is one tradition “sab chalata hai” or otherwise “jab tak chal raha hai chalio” and that is more rooted problem than anything else, we keep moving despite we see wrong things in front of our eyes.
I witnessed this so closely that I was sad, I was thinking why and what is the reason. Maximum were in drunk state but does it give you authority for this behavior and if you cannot control yourself then why you drink. Now I can tell you what difference between behavior and character is. Behavior is what you show in front of others but character is what you are when no one is watching. It is character which is more important than behavior. You can be gentleman by showing god behavior but it does not guaranteed anything about your character.
Character is more than just being educated gentleman. There are people who are uneducated but by character they are much superior to your so called gentleman counterpart. Why you want to be big brother, why you want to control every aspect of the society and if you really want to control something then I think it’s you, yourself.
Society is nothing but group of people who lives together- move together and it is also true that it will also contain some bad elements but we have to try hard to reduce this bad content. Those few bad element creates so much noise that voice of good people never listened. These bad element crates form of the society but truth is that we can reverse it just need stronger voice of good people.


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