Thought Pain

Thought Pain
This world came in my mind whiling reading, how thought can alter your mind and cause pain, which can be much painful than any physical pain.
Why so much pain in this world, no body, everybody is suffering from some kind of pain, whether it is physical or mental. The difference is- physical pain is visible everybody can see but thought pain is totally invisible it is so close with you yet nobody can see this. Everybody has so much chaos.
Sometimes I think it is just our perception by which we are suffering or it is our mistake or it is really our fate, we have to face it to learn.
When I see a child I see two state either happy or crying, exclude sleep  . Do they also feel pain by thought or there thought is so innocent that it cannot create pain at least for child. Here perception of pain can be different may be he feels but representation is different – crying can be just an indication.
When you become old enough to say and put logical mind behind everything then we start to feel pain by words. When your heart starts crying you cannot do anything except to feel it for that moment. When your heart cry’s it is far more painful than any bodily pain. You know everything about pain but still you can’t do anything, it’s not body it’s thought.
When you feel the love, yes I know it is very special thing, it does not do anything magical with your body rather it does something very special in your mind and as a consequence it changes your thought. Same thing happens with thought pain.
When you are not able to accept something by your heart then it becomes thought can be disastrous but if you are intelligent enough it can also open a window to understand yourself, real life. I know I am little bit philosophical here but you have to bear this little bit, you know sometimes it can be helpful 
If thought or feeling can generate pain so it can also cure this, some genius out there says that think opposite but it is not going to work, it is like you are stretching a string with both hands and assuming it will join both ends.
I will also not say that forget about this because if you do then you will never learn any lesson from this and as a consequence you will face the same situation again.
I would rather say try to accept this, I know it’s hard and if you accept then where is a question of pain but let me assure you it will not be as easy as I am saying. Initially, it will also create pain but it will reduce your pain. This painful blessing help you to accept, so when you are ready to accept then try to move on after all it is only way and that’s why you born.


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