Inner War

Inner war

War – horrifying, dangerous but sometimes it creates a platform for new things, new start fresh start. Especially if it is happening inside you – we call it inner war.
We are in Inner war for nearly everything, whatever we do? Am I doing right, if I am honest then can I expect honesty from others also, why world is like this why there are grief sorrow, violence, pain hatred, loneliness, confusion.
I am writing this because I am also in the same category. I also have inner war of many things, and so millions others.
Inner war happening inside can give you many things but same time can be dangerous if you don’t know when you should stop and should take a decision, it can lead you where everything become obsolete. It is constant learning from your inner war. As per my experience you should question things but at same time you must have courage to accept things as it is, sometimes it is only way to end this war. You have to know that every individual is different and you cannot expect yourself from someone else, you are different from others, which differentiate each other.
If you are good and honest keep yourself as it is and in my opinion try to be more but don’t expect same thing from others, because it is not going to happen, there will be time when people will think this is your weakness and try to utilize this but you have to understand, this is you not someone else so be it but same time there is one suggestion as per my experience there is difference between good person and foolishness so be good not fool.
I also face this idea being perfect, everyone, everything, every time should be perfect but the problem is there is no such thing like perfection, you can improve, every time but you cannot be perfect in anything, most you can achieve is near to perfect- it itself so far. The best solution is don’t try to be perfect, just try to achieve perfection. You have to embrace this imperfection in everybody, every situation. This gives you your persona, and so as you embrace yourself you must learn to embrace others also, by this actually you are embracing imperfection of others.
Life itself a is journey it cannot be a destination, so it is up to us what and how we want from this journey. Others people are with you in this journey but only for some time. Some for very short time, some for a long time but ultimately it is your journey.
Those who are not able to do this practice, embracing imperfection, will not be able to go ahead in their development, journey will become so difficult that you will stop before reaching anywhere. This is what world look like it is full of imperfection but when you embrace this it will become your perfect world.


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