what microsoft can do to makeover

I am user of all operating system , I used Linux  and mac  for coding  and  windows  for my professional or office work.

why windows is lagging behind despite it’s have a lot talented people  &  good resource .

what’s wrong with windows, why people always complain. I will show some light on this

it will include not just my opinions but also others which  I saw  or hear.

windows can improve by doing very small things , but same time  it is  related to user .

1- Windows – no doubt still windows have very large percent  of  desktop  PC . but that is changing very fast as world is moving towards more portable  device . what’s wrong  with windows look and feel. it’s not just my opinion it is  opinions of many others , that windows don’t have any taste .

windows should change their look and feel , how  

a:  user experience is the most important, now a days people have wide screen  device  so it’s become crucial that we must provide more vertical space

b:  color management, every application need little different color profile whether it’s photo or browser.

c: lite animation interaction, is very important to create bond with users.

windows taskbar is very good example, it is very good on wide  screen  but  what about  your vertical space.

2- internet explorer – should give more vertical space .

            better font rendering

            better color management

            integrated feature like reader or ad block etc. .

3- media player – why people prefer to use  mac over  windows , it’s quality  of the software. I observed by comparing iTunes and  media player and I found iTunes is way better. we should include feature and quality in this.

4- office – when you open office  how less  vertical space  do you have ,  office means  more vertical space. human psychology to read something is up  – bottom rather than right left or left right .


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This is place where I put my random words about my perception, thoughts into very short post. It can range from daily life to philosophy to technology. I saw a lot of things in my short span of life, continuous failure to intense pain. I love to meet new people, see new culture despite I am an introvert person, and if I open with you then it will be fun. In my early stage of adulthood I read a lot of books, now I am little more inclined towards outdoor activity. I have tremendous believe in love and trust for the people. Hope you will find these very short post worth in your life. "I am not perfect in one but good in many"

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