India – Place for everyone (Part -2 )

                                                              India – Place for everyone

Once upon a time……, every story start like this, but it is really once upon a time, it is well thousand years old story, don’t be afraid it is not about monkey or chimpanzee, it is about a country which was at his peak, so this story starts like this- Once upon a time there was a country known as Aryavart, fondly people called this country as “Bharat”. This country got this name because there was a one king with the same name. As time passes this country also seen some changes and now it is India, a country which have people of all religion, color and caste.


It was a country which was tortured by many other countries they just wanted to capture the whole world without thinking anything about humanity – they just destroyed their culture, tradition etc. one of the major blow was done to India by Britishers they not just ruled nearly one century, but they also destroyed an economy, religion nearly everything – they destroyed the world first and biggest Nalanda university which was the hub of ancient and most mysterious knowledge, its library was so big that when Britishers set it to fire it took a whole month to vanish. Behind all these there was one reason that this country believed World is single and every human being is unique, precious, but despite all this country again stand and flourishing.

When some country was threatening some religion they flew to many countries, but didn’t find any shelter finally they came to India and they prospered over the year. People can ask a question about this maturity living, they can point out incident which whitewash this claim, but as I said still it is much safer than any other country. Bharat to India journey also changed some value and tradition form outer side, they were confused what to follow, but as time is one of the best cures for all things, now  people realizing what to follow.

When Hitler was wanted to kill every Jews they flew to a different part of the word, but rarely find what they wanted, people adopted him but it took him years, but here, India is a different story for them, they came and flourish like it was their own country. People didn’t care from where you came or what is your color or caste as long as you have love for them. Sometimes it cost badly but even then they were not ready to boycott.

there is the number of incidents but here I am going to give you one recent example, when Bangladesh was fighting for their independence, a lot of people lost their lives and lakh of people became refugee, and India was the safest place for them, maybe it will surprise you but it is true nearly 20 crore Bangladeshi people is still living in India as a refugee or illegally. They are working here, living life like they are part of the system. Surprisingly Indian government also knows this and have full data. but the problem is can India make a decision and throw them out the answer is NO, it’s not that India is not capable, if India can fight world’s highest hill battle then it is nothing it is a problem of heart.

Still people are coming from neighboring country in search of their livelihood or in search of better and safe place – India is welcoming everyone despite facing problem.

             “Welcome to Bharat”

               “The Republic of India”


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