Having a girl is more than just a girl or sibling

I can clearly remember those days when having a girl child means nothing more than just a burden, people becomes very sad and unhappy,like yamraj (GOD of death in Indian tradition) is here to take him away, in some situation they want to know the gender of the child and if this is a girl child then  generally they tries different inhuman method to get rid off. but today situation has been changed and in some cases it is changing very fast girls are now in different field doing exceptional work, everybody and every field is witnessing this but here i am going to tell what is beyond this, i will not include religion concept or anything else here you will read summary of people’s experience.

why it is so that if you have a girl child than this gives you a sense of completeness, why (nothing is universal, it also include upbringing) family members are much more responsible than those family members which don’t have a girl child and so on..

in today’s time having a child nothing less than a super hectic job which requires a lot of energy and attention and if this a girl child then don’t ask for responsibility, but having a baby itself a human gift, it gives you a sense of living and completeness, but don’t be so happy about gift, in today’s time if you have one child then it is much better. but here my post is different i am going to tell you why it is different-


images credit –  bluekdesign 

1- Behavior : i observed this gives a sense of proper behavior, how to behave with female or with girl, it does not mean that those who doesn’t have behave badly some time they are much more respectful than others. may be before doing anything you always think about your girl whether it is right or wrong.

2- sense of completeness: Even if we see science then you will find that girl child is likely to be more involved with family members, again it is related to upbringing. but due to this very nature you feel a completeness in family, by this you also discover your zone of completeness.

3- responsibility: by some unknown reason it also brings sense of responsibility within family members, people are very thoughtful in their words and financial field despite this they enjoy all field of life.

beyond this every child is unique and precious irrespective of gender, in today’s time every field is open for everyone, if you have talent world will respect you, so educate your child give proper moral education and sensibility. there are numerous example which proved what i write here if not then you can experience it by yourself.   


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