Windows XP support ended what next –


Which windows version is best now- windows vista, windows 7 or windows 8 J confused, don’t worry it’s very easy to choose.

Windows ended its support for XP this month. Nearly billions of worldwide users will be effected by this if they still using XP, because after this, windows will not provide any security update.

Recently I heard that some government of the few countries are paid millions of dollars to Microsoft to continue XP support one year more. I amazed why? they knew this nearly one year before, if they want they can migrate but anyway after this they will adopt again windows and happily will pay millions of dollars again.

So here I am going to write about what the best solution after Windows XP so that they can save valuable millions of dollars and hope invest in public welfare.


First reason why windows is ending its support-

1-    XP is 13 years old operating system now in market there are much better and stable (blue screen problem) OS is available.

2-    XP is much vulnerable to virus and is not very stable, it’s very hard to maintain this OS now.

3-    Business point of view, if windows will not end support then majority of people will not adopt its new OS, and it’s just a loss for the company.


So which version is best and why to choose-

After XP windows launched windows vista then windows 7 and then windows 8. I will give you very brief and appropriate details each of them.

1-    Windows vista – on the business level its a flop show it’s kind of slow OS released by the  windows, a lot of people suffer due to this, and it was time when Linux gain huge popularity(Ubuntu, fedora , open suse) so by now you got this Vista is not an option at all. It  is just a waste of money


2-    Windows 7- Windows realized its mistake but till then huge blow and loss occurred, windows released 7 which is much better and fast. A lot of users adopted this upgrade and still it is much adopted in the market. All software which was available for XP also available for  7, so if you want to upgrade which is stable and also want widely available software like XP then you must go windows 7, it is safer and all in one option.  


3-    Windows 8 – latest and greatest (called by MicrosoftJ) it is new OS which is designed for future environment, you can say one OS for all devices like MAC and iOS. But it is in very early stage windows 8 was also not very popular, basically was flop show but 8.1 shows drastic improvement and future updates will also solve much problem. But it will take time and also there is software compatibility issue.


So over all best option is windows 7 for at least coming 3-4 to years.


It is totally my opinions so it can differ from your point of view.





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