Yahoo – Track of Recovery

Yahoo one of the renowned company but as usual things goes up must come down. so yahoo was not an exception. despite having brilliant engineer they got nearly everything wrong in the past whether it was yahoo search style or flicker biggest photo collections. it suffered so much and so badly that it’s income went down dramatically even rumored was there that Microsoft was trying to buy this company, but this didn’t happen.
As its continuous effort to gain its value, trying new CEO month after month finally settled with Marissa Mayer and as expected she brings Google style to yahoo with very own yahoo taste.

Marissa mayer

Marissa mayer

after taking over yahoo within month she changed some policies which also very discussed like work from the office only :), but as per my experience it is much better and innovative way to do great work.

1- yahoo mail user experience changed, it is much more appealing and easy to use. yes I know you are talking about graphical ads but i am sure as Merissa hires one of Google ads person it will be also removed by yahoo soon.

yahoo mail

2- yahoo search – changed with improved user interface and style, more like Google.


3- yahoo- yahoo also very popular in content publishing, in this department only user experience alone will not work, content should also be improved so yahoo organise this as well.


4- flicker- yahoo flicker is one the most tool or website for photographer, and now its new look and more space is awesome, people are loving this.


These are some of the changes which are available to everyone now, but I am sure yahoo is also planning much bigger than just revamping user experience only.

so hope yahoo will recover from its past and will lead to future in more innovative way.


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