Future of Microsoft

Microsoft- word is enough to tell you everything. It was the first company which told the world what is software business? Started nearly same time with Apple but it look huge leap in people’s adaptation. In 90’s if you have desktop or laptop it means you are using Microsoft windows, yes they gave this name to their OS. If you go back to 90ties then you will find that 90-93 percent market share of OS was captured by Microsoft windows. But as Steve jobs return to apple for second time and launched massive successful product after product Microsoft started losing its base and current position is not at all good. Windows 8 launched was huge flop and continue to do so.

windows logo

But is Microsoft future really so bad? I don’t think so. What my analysis and trend of invention of Microsoft product shows it’s not, yes it is going to make again it will acquire its position, yes it will take time but now it adopted right track. Launch of windows 8.1 update and some rumors of windows 8.1 service pack update shows this trend, here I am listing some my key points why I think so-

1-    Saving its classic user base and same time giving new technology in windows 8.1 rumors update.

2-    Understanding difference between desktop and tablet

3-    Free windows 8.1 for phone and tablet manufactures.

4-    Again concentrating on user feedback rather than showing attitude and forcing their thinking on software

5-    late is better than never – started cloud services

6-    opting office apps free for every one

7-    creating integrated Eco system for better binding

8-    last but not least new CEO is trying to change their company culture- I think it would be invention rather than copying and making money

Above mentioned are some points which I think will bring Microsoft again as leader.


Thanks for reading.


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