Malaysia’s missing Flight MH370- Dead or alive, may be Dead :(

Malaysia’s flight missing  add new chapter in aviation industry. it have unique
things in every respect from missing to till now moment.I wish that
everyone is alive, i know it’s very unusual but till last moment we
can’t assume something else.
After the incident specially after many hours, when they were not able to
find the missing flight then  there are numerous theory came to
existence explaining  how and what happened? but problem remained same,
why should anyone believe on these theory without any proof or

if this is any type of hijacking then i am sure they would come and
announce their act &  most probably put their demands, but in
this case nothing like this, no information and more interestingly
respective authority don’t have any information about this flight after
takeoff after then it’s nearly blank except some country and people have
seen some debris or recorded frequency but not proved.

In aviation there is one case which is  undoubtedly most frightening and unsolvable till date, this case happened with panair do Brasil flight(Biggest flight mystery ) it takeoff in 1946  and disappeared. at that moment nearly all countries
tried to find but failed. but something happened and same flight landed
in 1993, sadly everyone was dead even pilots, so if pilots were dead
then who landed this plane so safely and accurately.  after this many
scientist investigated this but unable to find something which could
prove how this can happen. there are also some more flight mystery but
not as unique as this was.

so what happened with this flight, as situation indicate and technological
capability of today’s world it is highly impossible that we are unable
to find until unless there are some kind of involvement. or something
very mysterious happened with Malaysia’s flight. we can’t say anything
now because many countries are searching but  if we fail then what, what
should we assume. it leads many questions in all respect and will 




give birth something very unique theories also.

I wish everyone is alive and hope for best because person’s life is more important than interesting theory.





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