Modi is only option to achieve 2020 vision

So finally current government term is going to complete and we are going to face a new election with new vision and yes new war, not between us but between them so called our leaders.

What happened in last 10 years and more specially in last 5 years, last 5 years created very wrong, horrifying, hopeless impact on our mind for this government but why is this so, what went wrong? And really is situation so much worse? Frankly when you think you are the leader and you know how to control nation, exactly that moment you define yourself as one of biggest stupid on this planet and this is what current government thought, consequences are in front of us. They think there are no option other than us force law which is meant only for them, business which are designed only for their relatives, world games organization which designed to have billion dollar for doing nothing and of course by doing all these they feel proud to be in politics and Indian representatives to the world.

But are they really guilty or we are assuming, most importantly if they are not responsible then who is responsible of this mess. Hold your breath buckle your seat answer may shock you, we are the biggest culprit after all. Oh someone is shouting how, oh my GOD here another person what nonsense is this?  But reality and truth can’t be change by shouting. Now I am going to give logic and reason why we are-

We always choose candidate on the basis of cast or family tradition, don’t laugh its serious matter in our national partyJ, they give you vote because their grandfather did, then their father gave him too. Sadly it is true in some part of the country even today.

And second case we choose to give vote on the basis of bottle of liquor and free gifts like TV and in some cases money also count, who care about next five year care about present moment, if someone followed Buddha’s philosophy “Live in present” truly, then these are people who will top the chart.

And third we don’t have any other choices, yes sometimes it is true but not always. Open your eyes then you can find it easily, still you don’t find then don’t go for vote until you have ‘none of the above’ option in voting.


Narendra modi

Narendra modi

So what is new about this election- in my option it will be turning point election since first election after independence, more appropriately bigger than that. We have tremendous opportunity to build the nation, we have every required ingredients – young population to talented people, technological capability, billion dollar business but what we are lacking is nationwide vision, we don’t have leader who have vision for all these, how we are going to utilize our so valuable resource, but wait my dear friend this time you and we have this opportunity to choose such a man  who have this ability and more importantly he already proved this, he is none other than Mr. Modi. If you want to go in to past you can go, but let me advice you past also contain his development work which is on the global scale, still if you want to go into the past then also go into year 1984 and you can go even further till independence, you may find what you want to find but it is also true you will also find his dare to achieve bigger than what we have now.

Let make this election as India’s biggest turning point since independence forget past see future and see who can deliver this.

“Narendra modi in 2014”


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