Sadness is as important as Happiness


                                         Sadness is as important as happiness

People often says what if life would full of happiness only, no sorrow at all, and I am sure you are also one of them  so now let’s go further in this so called happiness of life.

What I have realized through my life till now majorities of people happiness is conditional, there is condition to be happy in every day’s life and in most amused scenario there is pattern for all this. It all started like this-

“I will be happy if I get job……”

“I will happy if I met my soul mate…….”

“I will be happy if I get promotion………”

And list goes on to even their child’s career. So it all about “I will be happy if I ..” but problem lies where it started you will again say after getting first one “I will be happy if I …” and it will never end throughout life and as a consequences having everything ultimately you will not have anything, you were in search of something which you always had with you and that is “Happiness”

To be happy doesn’t require any condition or anything it is driven from inside nor outside. Don’t get it wrong here to have goal to achieve something is necessary and important but having this if you lost your fundamental things then there is nothing to achieve in life. Happiness was- is and will be always within you.

I can write a lot of things what to do what not do to be happy as you can find on everywhere but here I will say one simple line which will include all the secrets “be with yourself” yes you heard it right, being with yourself will give you everything what you want from your life. It will fulfill your destiny and ultimately it will give you invaluable happiness.

So what is happiness how do you know that it is happiness or I am happy? Now assume a situation where is a person gets everything what he wanted, everything. So can you tell how happy is he/she? Form your perception he is most happy man but reality is different, person doesn’t even know what is happiness if you would asked, he will be surprised. He is just living his life without any emotions.

Now what if know some sorrow in his life may lost his job, beloved ones or any kind of sorrow, then person’s answer will be different, if you would asked what is happiness, it will be intuitive for that person, he will automatically know what is happiness is and by this he will also know what is sorrow.

So sadness is part of life and as valuable as happiness, it gives you real feeling of happiness, forces you find your destiny and be with yourself.


“Sorrow, happiness all is part of life, as time passes it also passes with every moment”


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This is place where I put my random words about my perception, thoughts into very short post. It can range from daily life to philosophy to technology. I saw a lot of things in my short span of life, continuous failure to intense pain. I love to meet new people, see new culture despite I am an introvert person, and if I open with you then it will be fun. In my early stage of adulthood I read a lot of books, now I am little more inclined towards outdoor activity. I have tremendous believe in love and trust for the people. Hope you will find these very short post worth in your life. "I am not perfect in one but good in many"

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