love v\s attraction in real life

In everyone’s life everyone had a lot of chance to understand these words but every one has their own meaning and experience. Every one has its own definitions, girls are different and boys are different.

But one thing is common between them is they all want to spend time with their love. Some one get, and of course some one does not.

But what I feel love is what which never express in words its totally illogical. You cannot say that I love her/him because of this or that. Its must be feeling from both side, its have such a power that one can change his way of life.

Definitely attractions is what which totally depends on physical relationship, some one can forget his/her attraction. Its never change some one life, and if changes, then certainly not in right direction.

 Some says love initiate with attraction, I do not know? but  I am sure  attraction never includes love, its only love which can generate real meaning of attractions, which have some meaning in life.

No one knows when your attractions become your love …”SO  KEEP   SEARCHING YOUR LOVE ”


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