Steve jobs v/s Dennis Ritchie

Comparison between two giant Steve jobs (Founder of Apple) and Dennis Ritchie (Inventor of C, UNIX and many more) 


It was October 5 2011 when we lost an inventory mind who understand the need and culture of people, Steve jobs, more visionary than anyone else, suffering from cancer, wore somewhat like a monk, feel like a simple common man and from his heart, combine with their own Steve logic, he gets idea, taste of the their very own product.

Year 2011 always remember because it’s have something more than just a year, it’s include every part of the world because something very special happened in every part of the world. In this we also lost father of every language Dennis Ritchie October 12 2011, we deeply hurt when we listen this news, and after some days it’s something like circulation going on Facebook, which include Steve and Dennis and talking about their fame saying we didn’t give respect to Dennis.

One of the biggest mistake, there is no comparison between these two, one who totally dedicated his life to technology never think like a businessman (Steve), he was great scientist, and he created the platform for others on which we can develop new and greater things.

On the other hand Steve more like businessman than a scientist, but surely he had something different within himself that was honesty about their business, understanding the need of people most importantly he brings culture in his product, may Steve knew Dennis very well and were very good friend.

Every technological user will remember Steve and every engineer and scientist (and also students) knows importance of Dennis Ritchie and I guess When Steve created his first product he was more thankful to Dennis Ritchie than anyone else.

                                                                    “It’s my tribute to both of them”



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