“Change of Philosophy” – leads to new design of iOS


                                        ………Change of Philosophy……….

10 June 11, 2013 will be called as biggest overhaul for iOS since iPhone, as described by Apple.

That overhauls include a lot of new feature for iOS users. So why it is biggest overhaul since iPhone

What iOS was used to is real world look and feel in its software build with sharp and shiny look.


It was Steve philosophy that software should and must look and feel like real world, what they are in real world they should same in software. So as long as Steve was there this philosophy was there.

Now Steve is no more and Apple is searching for next big things, now new iOS reminds me is change of philosophy, new design in charge John Ive was well opposed to this real world philosophy so when there is no Steve and he (John) is doing revamp of iOS, you can see change in philosophy. He believes in simplicity and beautifications, according to this view he did amazing job regarding to iOS.


                                                “best wishes for new design”


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This is place where I put my random words about my perception, thoughts into very short post. It can range from daily life to philosophy to technology. I saw a lot of things in my short span of life, continuous failure to intense pain. I love to meet new people, see new culture despite I am an introvert person, and if I open with you then it will be fun. In my early stage of adulthood I read a lot of books, now I am little more inclined towards outdoor activity. I have tremendous believe in love and trust for the people. Hope you will find these very short post worth in your life. "I am not perfect in one but good in many"

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