Apple without Steve job – “Future of Apple”

……………………………..Apple without Steve job………………………………..

“Future of Apple”

In recent times media was full from Steve job death and after this one of the most important question arise what is “future of Apple”

I am writing so late on this topic because I want to conform what really can happen to Apple without Steve job. After Steve Job, Tim (new CEO) launched so many products and they all are doing great as usual. So what have changed and why there are so many talks about Apple Future.

1-      What people loves most about Apple its Steve Job (little contradiction but true) people loves Steve choices, imagination and presentation skills for their product. So when Steve Died, people were worry and may be they are. But what most important is, Apple is not about just one Steve it’s about innovations. As long as they will keep innovating they will rule and lead tech world, and what I believe there are so many out there who can deliver, so on technical side apple is safe in my opinion.

2-      What is more noticeable after Steve deaths is, attack by other company and organization. As long as Steve was alive very hardly people listened about apple for wrong (like Tax, defeat from Samsung, and growing competition from android) reason or there were no company or organization who can dare to challenge Steve Jobs (Apple).

3-      Apple is very secretive about their plan for future and also their product, so it’s very hard to determine what is company vision for future or their product field, but what I believe whatever they do they change it or redefine it for completely, it will automatically become standard. Analyzing Apple product history and Steve Jobs different vision  what I found is Apple is basically focus on users, if demand of users is SMART WATCH  which can increase people’s productivity then apple will deliver despite its field and most importantly, they will do it in their own style and fashion.

There is history of up’s and down in every company of world, despite its size and reputation, they all gone with some rough patches , some destroyed by this and some destroyed and overcome it, apple is not exception but what is more importantly this company have caliber and potential to overcome all this, past have proof of this.

“Technology alone is not enough, it’s need liberal arts”


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