Failures of Apple map is still a huge success

What Apple did to Google map –

Failure of apple maps is still great success for common users. When world most worth company launched it’s maps it was one of most well designed and present maps one ever saw but there is one of biggest flaw data, Apple was lacking behind useful data what Google always  had and  still have.

 People speculates that it is end of Apple, places were missing , roads were bumpy, bridge were so awkward.  At that time there was a kind of monopoly, map was ruling by Internet giant Google but apple maps give a glimpse of what Apple can do if they want.

They were first introducing vector maps, there were first giving multi-gesture control of map. And they were first giving you real time 3D viewing angle not generated one.

What if Apple got right amount of data then it  would be a bang not for apple but for all maps history, despite of failure it done one major thing it forces Google to reinvent itself for marinating it’s lead and now Google  have down the same they reinvent the same now they also introduce vector maps, they also use beautiful color codes and neat and clean look.

 “I think it was signal from apple that  do it in right way otherwise I am fully capable to do this”  and no doubt Google map  is smart  and fast enough to understand this and did some good work.

You can check new Google maps here Google map no doubt they have done good work. they introduce a lot feature.


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