Internet providers – privacy and security

Internet providers – privacy and security

 In recent times, we all are hearing in something so called privacy, spying or more appropriate surveillance of activity of users. And this time it came in name of PRISM operated by US government in the name of security but what is most important and amazing that it not just operating for only US citizens but it is covering nearly all of the Internet savvy users, as maximum top company of internet ruler based from this company.

As media reports and other leaked information in this most secret mission top company like Facebook,Google, Microsoft, Aol, etc is participating. They give free access of their servers where users information store to US official. Reports also suggest it is within the law, I don’t know how?

After this report company came in front and denying this report, and some of claiming that they never heard this word(PRISM) before this report. Here is what Larry Page said on his official google blog titled “What the…” .


so question arise why this become so necessary to cover nearly all Internet savvy and why this is so secret. As we all know now a days security is big issue not just US but for other countries also so we can understand that some times is it necessary to monitor some specific users activity but certainly not all, but anyway more important question is how they are going to use your data.


Hope in coming days all question will be answered by US official, because as security is important then privacy is also important. I can not write too much because may be they are watching me 🙂


                       “ Freedom of speech is as important as security of nation”


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