One day every one will die – The greatest gift of life

One day every one die – The greatest gift
What people afraid most, to die, nobody wants to die and this is things for which people did , does and will continue to a lot work to avoid this.
When we born, we doesn’t know anything we just enjoy, love of mother, father and life. We don’t fear anything, what happen next into my life and interestingly it’s just human kid it is phenomenon of all kind of things.
But what happen when you grow, where we loose this so much innocence love for life.
Actually when we grow we forget or force to forget this innocence and everybody tech us to compete with world, and that’s where we start to loose this and become more and more so called practical people, and this practicality leads us to different level of problem in our life not for us but for others also. We ended our life for nothing and when time comes we starts to afraid to die. We spent our whole life for nothing, in our life span we couldn’t teach ourself how,to live and how to spend life with grace. We all work only for money or something else which is not useful at all.
It is well known fact that if you are here then you have to die, it is rule, no one defy this, despite this well known facts maximum of us struggling of this. When people know and accept this as a fact then life can be more beautiful and graceful within ourselves and for others also. In indian tradition and one of most sacred book the “Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta” there is well description of life and soul. This soul never die.

“Death is not an end it actually start of fresh and beautiful new journey”


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