Pornography – a psychological epidemic of new world

Porn – a psychological epidemic of new world
One word which people don’t want to hear Is ‘epidemic’. Look like a substitute of death so frightening. There was cases in history like plague which takes millions of lives in very short span of time. People died with no reason and often even they don,t know they are culprit of this, and this is what which is so frightening about this after all we always afraid with unknown things.
But time has changed since plague, we now medically, technologically and culturally more advanced. But now there is new type of threat new type of epidemic, which first conquer your mind then your body and at last will ruin your whole life.
This epidemic not new for all of us and it is one of biggest market of world, that is pornography. Which is taking millions of lives not physically but mentally, here I want to assure you that it is not just mere a thought but is well known facts and published by many organisations and government of different countries.
First lets talk about some basics facts that people don,t know what is happenings behind the scene and how they make movies and main culprit of this is child and teens. They think and what they saw, and what they saw that is far far from reality. There mind suddenly processing too much thought and whole mind is bounded by single thought and soon they become addicted for this. There behaviour and thought processing changed due to this and In some cases it leads to heinous crime. Because they can’t control they emotions.
According to survey nearly no one is left, and if you think it is too much then here is true article, one of the scientist in Canada want to do some experiments related to impact of adult scene on mind so he want to two groups one which already saw adult and which never saw, first one is easy but second one, it was impossible in Canada, scientist didn’t found single one which never saw porn.
It is very clear that you can identify physical wound and heal it but it is nearly possible in psychological case and it is very dangerous also.
People argue there is no effect of this, it is just for fun, then really analyse yourself or some one else before and after this addiction, not just waste your time, energy, happiness but also you behaviour and attitude towards other gender become insensitive, and this can lead you in to very dangerous situation and society. I wonder despite having so much out there for fun which can give positive results why people stuck in this and more importantly this is growing exponentially.
First solution is to identify this habit and accept it rather than denying it, if you deny it will become more and more dangerous. Don’t hesitate to take help of others, doctors, try to involve some creativity work, take help of meditation, yoga. Do this and then analyse yourself. I will find more happiness inside you.
I urge all people who is reading this article to spread awareness and help people to overcome from this epidemic, after all we are part of this society.


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