Celebrity – Crime – pardon

Celebrity Crime and Pardon
India one of the oldest and populous country of the world. Famous for its culture, science and IT and and Bollywood. Many people in Bollywood are celebrity in fact people loves so much that even politicians sometimes call them in voting time!

But there are one more thing there is difference in our society, and the way we tackle these so called celebrity things. There is always a blame on indian jurisdiction system for taking so much time even some time people dies well before the case, judgement came after there death, GOD is faster than us. But despite this in recent times situation has improved for basic cases and some historical judgement is coming, one of them is Sanjay dutt, son of Sunil dutt and nargis dutt, and both of them was fantastic actor and actress. Very few people knows that Sunil dutt was also very charitable person and did a lot of work for soldiers. And nargis was one of very beautiful lady in Bollywood.
In indian history there is a lot of incident which people want to forget, and Bombay 93 blast is one of them, which shook not just Bombay but whole nation, and took hundreds of innocent lives. Investigation charged a lot of people but one name shocking and that was Sanjay dutt . He was charged for having illegal armed and helping others on blast.
Here I am not going in details of this case because it is now nearly closed I said nearly because main culprit dawood Ibrahim is still free, he is head of so called D company.

But any way after nearly twenty years judgement came and Sanjay charged and sentenced for five years jail term in which he already spent eighteen months, now there is strong wind and platform prepared by others for pardon for Sanjay dutt. Is being celebrity is criteria for having pardon, no doubt he has done a lot charitable work but he can do ha have money, he is not who is doing Thai there are no. of people who is doing this. So giving a pardon on basis of this bring bad culture in indian society and political system. I have sympathy for dutt and his family and if you did something wrong then you have to face consequences, and if we give pardon then there are people who is really deserve this. We have to think how many people died and how many lives changed by this incident.


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