Knowledge era or information blasting

We generally show very proud, to say that we belong 21st century. We landed moon, we send rover to mars, we capture Saturn rings, and we find edge of the universe and count less achievements.

In today’s world nothing is very far to reach, we need just one click and we can know what is happening around the world, just one click and everyone knows what is happening with you or what you are saying. Internet, phone, computer revolutionize, the way we live, think and do.

These days everything is super fast, lightening speed, but when we talk about to true knowledge not information, then we are lacking. Knowledge and information is two different way of thinking, approach.

May be we have millions times much more information than previous centuries but we are not able or capable to utilize those information in productive way. Information cannot develop your way of thinking; it is knowledge, which gives you real glimpse of situation. We cannot develop new innovative things on just having information, innovation is magic of knowledge, there is no doubt information plays key role but what really matters that are people capable to utilize those information and filter out right decision?

We need little more patience when it comes to knowledge, develop a proper thinking by giving proper education, which includes both mind and heart. Utilization of knowledge is not just work of mind; it is also an output of good heart.
Just imagine a society which is capable to think, capable to take right decision, then there is no fear of wrong information, by this we can reduce unwanted effect of lightening speed sharing information.

In my previous article I mention that we cannot blame science or technology for accidents, it was us who took advantages of beautiful science and made the most destructive atomic bomb, for this we cannot blame science, it was we, our approach, our thinking.

“Give your little effort to make better world for every one”


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This is place where I put my random words about my perception, thoughts into very short post. It can range from daily life to philosophy to technology. I saw a lot of things in my short span of life, continuous failure to intense pain. I love to meet new people, see new culture despite I am an introvert person, and if I open with you then it will be fun. In my early stage of adulthood I read a lot of books, now I am little more inclined towards outdoor activity. I have tremendous believe in love and trust for the people. Hope you will find these very short post worth in your life. "I am not perfect in one but good in many"

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