Rape more heinous than murder

                                 Why we should consider Rape more heinous than murder

 Rape, now it is also a part of daily routine for Indian society and more than this for Indian women those who are now roaring everywhere and achieving new dimension of their life & even society.

In my opinion you can die in two ways- one by body & second by soul. Just make it more simple ask yourself in which method you want to die, definitely no one want die partially, mean by soul and spend whole life with your dead body, and this is exactly what rape does, taking your soul leaving your body to die every day, every second of your life, this is more than enough to consider rape same as murder & in my opinion even greater category.


People asked me several time we should consider situation why should rape happened , we can’t give capital sentence immediately  to every rapist, then ask simple question if it is situation then there can be situation in which you can rape even your knowing person*(I am not specifying this some critical reason).

And by this no single rapist can get sentence because you can discover circumstances to defend yourself, as we know our law and previous history.

It is very debatable issue & include no. of parameter but one thing on which everyone is agree is that rapist should be hanged specially in this case there is no chance to accept minimum than this.


                                                  “Hanged every rapist”


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