Steve Jobs – Tim Cook

Apple’s new era has been started with Tim. Whole world saw the talent of Steve Jobs whether it’s in marketing or vision of new apple product. Steve’s presentation power and micromanagement capability lead him world most visionary CEO.

But as we all know that nothing is permanent in this universe. Steve died due to rare type of cancer on October 5, 2011. By that time world was shocked but important question was that what will happen with Apple, who will be next Steve?

Before heading to his final days of life he already had no. of severe physical problem and due to this he took leave from his work, But Steve appointed Tim as working CEO of Apple.

Tim proved himself and finally became new CEO but under the shadow of Steve working style. Now there is huge challenge for Tim to overcome Steve’s shadow but same time maintain elegance of Apple product. In recent time Tim launches some product but basically all were Steve’s designed.

So what is basic difference between these two? I think, there is no need to do anything for finding the answer, they both did one thing from which everything will become clear, and that was they both apologized as a CEO. Glitches in maps of iPhone 5 forced Tim to apologize and Steve also did once related to Antenna gate but what was difference. Difference is as much as we know in between ‘I’ & ‘We’. Steve used ‘I’ and Tim used ‘We’, After all Steve made Apple and Tim is just an employee in Steve’s Apple. But it doesn’t matter as long as apple continues his success-style- elegance.

In coming time Apple is launching a series of product which is designed and monitored by Tim and if we believe on rumors then it will be mini product of previous product like iPad mini, 13 inch retina display and many more. Apple is organizing event on 23 October 23, 2012 for these entire product lines.

                                             ‘Let’s see Cook’d Apple magic ‘



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