Our history shows that we always believe in something, and we as a human call it GOD. But most fundamental question arises that who is GOD, what quality they have and what is the benchmark to be GOD.

When we read some old scriptures and heard some stories from our ancestors we find it very interesting and sometimes full of mystery. We as humans fond of mystery and we cannot stop our curiosity. But if we think fundamentally then they are more powerful than us, they can control things which we cannot even think and that’s why we call them GOD.

There was a time when landing to moon is dream, like impossible things, who dare to talk and think about this, but we did it and it was biggest achievement of humans. Know we are targeting even more we are reaching to edge of the universe and knowing more about our gigantic universe. Now we are controlling much than our early humans did.

So take an example if a man from jungle, who never came out from his jungle, suddenly come to this world and sees these things which he was never imagined, what he thinks, perhaps he will starts to worship us, because we did what he never thought and imagined.

Now imagine same prospects with our self, we will find the answer who is the GOD. I firmly believe in pattern of the universe, everything is responding in a proper and orderly fashion, even we cannot rule out  more powerful species in universe, may be they can do much and those things which looks impossible for us today’s time.

It is much more complex and controversial things, we know our limitation; we know that we cannot know everything from beginning to end of this universe, even we can predict results of simple events but fundamentally we cannot leave everything on GOD, Do and see the results.


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