Truth, everyone likes hear and want to see, but doesn’t want to apply on himself. What is Truth? Is everyone sees same thing or truth is just a perception of yours and if it is so then what real truth is? Well it’s a big question someone see something and believe and someone hear something and believe, in these scenario may be what they see or hear is true and maybe not.

when I was a child I heard I quote that “if someone said something then in transmission message lost its originality” well that happened by hundreds of mouths of human, every human add their own view to incident and then transfer to others and finally truth is totally distort.

If any incident happens then every human will see it differently and understand it differently and convey it differently. They see the event of truth by their past experience and present conditions and in that case, may be they succeeded to view truth or maybe not.

  Truth always remains truth but maybe it’s comes in different form for everyone.


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