We heard story and also from well-known Peoples, that everyone must have a dream, without dream no point to live and achieve in our life. Yes most Peoples agree with this and me too, but one thing which is more important is “dream with reality”, yes you are right dream but facing with reality.

Many people dream, but having dream is not enough to fulfill our dreams, we must find a path to achieve this. Sometimes life plays a major role to teach us. I am not against dreaming and actually to achieve big things Dream is like a first step, but i am against living into dreams without facing reality.

Dreams must include reality, without reality dream is nothing, When we dream with reality it become feasible, may be not easy but surely not impossible, when it will feasible it gives us strength to think and when we think about something having reality in mind, we find real solutions, and when we find solution then we can achieve what we dreamed for.


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