science in worse condition “pray with me”

Technology fascinating for everyone and everyone also knows what science & technology can do for humanity. Technology gives us a lot of options for both the side in positive and negative side, but if we think that we can change the world in very good manner with the help of only technology then we are going in wrong way. We already see what science can do for destruction and even Albert Einstein never imagine misuse of science. But any way think ahead, how we can improve, pray with me so that it will never happen again.

For better world only technology can’t help, development means not only destruction of humanity and nature, development means development of human’s beings. Humans have the emotions and technology never understands the emotions. Science is tool; we can use it in constructive way or destructive way. We can’t blame science and if you want to blame then blame our self not science.  When we understand the importance of both emotions and technology then at that moment we are going in new, safer and better world.


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