Apple magic- why apple dominate

 Steve jobs one of the member of apple founder . but in the middle he left(as what he says) left the company struggle for his income again open new company. he is survivor of cancer but his magic not due to his magic Apple from loss to become 50 be dollar in one year.  he is one of best market planner and also best launcher of technical product.
Ipad device which starts post PC era and also one of the major factor in apple recovery , no doubt apple is one who lunch it first , their are also who is doing same , ipad 2 and next version of this will major factor for post PC era. Steve jobs  called  it “magical device ” no doubt its one of best but from mu point of view its just beginning of magic of post PC era.
Apple now its just not word or nor its just a tech company, its creates a new standards for others. every time when its launch  a product its become a new standards and every one starts thinking what next this is magic of Apple. behind this their is bigger magic of steve jobs yes this is man behind Apple magic. you can find out more of this man on net . here i am going to tell you why Apple is so magical and so steve jobs. “technology alone is not enough its must be convert to ease of user” and thats what apple does. apple always covert its technology to best for user . and no doubt its marketing strategy is exceptional. look all its product from basic like safari ,ipod, ipad , inano etc they all are best till latest tech.

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